Standards and quality labels
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Standards and quality labels

What audits do we conduct?

DEKRA audits and certifies against international and sector-specific standards, such as ISO 9001, NEN 7510 and ISO 45001. Below is an overview of all the standards for which you can turn to DEKRA Audit​. The standards are in the areas of quality, health and safety, sustainability and information security.

The (inter)national standards and quality labels we help you with

Sustainability within your organization
Discover our audits that provide insight into the sustainability of your business processes.
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Other standards at a glance

Entertainment Centers quality mark
In addition to the strict laws and regulations that Entertainment Centers have to comply with, the Dutch trade association VAN Speelautomaten has formulated additional criteria together with DEKRA for safer business operations. Both members and non-members of the VAN can be tested by DEKRA against these criteria and, if the result is satisfactory, have the opportunity to receive a certificate that has now been made mandatory by many municipalities.
BRL 9500 Energy Label
CO₂ Performance
CO₂ Reduction Management
ISO 55001
MedMij label
NVKL quality label
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