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Want to make CO2 reduction measurable?

CO2 Performance Ladder

Create competitive advantage with this certification

Any organisation that cares about sustainability knows that CO2 reduction is an important topic of debate. Are you already actively taking steps to reduce your organisation’s CO2 emissions? And do you want to make the results measurable? The CO2 Performance Ladder could be an option for you.

The benefits of the CO2 Performance Ladder

Do you want to certify your organization against the CO2 performance ladder? DEKRA Audit can handle the assessment and certification for you. This provides several benefits:
  • Certification demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to reducing its CO2 emissions.
  • The higher your organisation is on the ladder, the greater its chance of securing contracts. Sustainability, together with previous experience and cooperation, plays an important role in awards.
  • Your energy costs will fall because you are actively taking steps to reduce your energy use.
  • Certification shows that your organisation values sustainability.
  • Your organisation is future-proof because it fits in well with European plans for a CO2 neutral society.

About the CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder consists of five levels - level five is the highest - each of which has its own requirements. The requirements for levels 1 to 3 inclusive relate to your organisation’s CO2 emissions. The requirements for levels 4 and 5 are more extensive and relate to the CO2 emissions of your organisation, your sector and the chain as a whole. The requirements for the five levels are broken down into four categories:
  • Insight
    You provide an insight into your organisation’s CO2 emissions by answering the following two questions: How high are your CO2 emissions? What is responsible for them?
  • Reduction
    Your organisation has formulated ambitious CO2-reduction goals and linked control measures and an action plan to them. What do you intend to do to reduce emissions? How do you intend to structure your control measures?
  • Transparency
    Your organisation communicates about the two points above, both internally and externally. This gives everyone an insight into your emissions, goals, control measures and action plan.
  • Participation
    Your organisation is actively involved in CO2-reduction initiatives in your sector.
Each level has its own specific requirements for the categories above. If your organisation meets the requirements for a particular level, you will be eligible for the relevant certification.

Step-by-step plan for certification against the CO2 Performance Ladder

Certification against the CO2 Performance Ladder is obtained via the certification process. The first step involves identifying your organisation’s CO2 performance, aided by checklists and the audit table. This information is then audited by the experts at DEKRA for possible certification against the CO2 Performance Ladder. The audit results determine which level on the CO2 Performance Ladder applies to you. If the audit shows that you have met the requirements applicable, you receive certification for the level in question; it is valid for three years. Every year after this, an audit will be carried out to see whether your organisation still meets the requirements. If it does, the validity of your certification will be extended.

Certification by DEKRA

Would you like to see which level on the CO2 Performance Ladder applies to your organisation? The experts at DEKRA are happy to audit your CO2 performance. You might be interested to know that it is easy to combine certification for the CO2 Performance Ladder with audits for quality standards​. For example, the ISO 9001 audit for quality management and the ISO 14001 audit for environmental management. Our experts are always happy to discuss options with you, so please don't hesitate to contact us.