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Product certification DEKRA

DEKRA Product Testing

How to demonstrate your clients and end-users the safety, performance and quality levels of your products?

Product certification

Get your products accepted and ready for use all over the world

Certification marks demonstrate that your products have been tested thoroughly and meet the required safety or performance standards. At DEKRA, we issue a wide range of marks and certifications for markets worldwide.

With our certification expertise we demonstrate to your clients and end-users that safety, performance, and quality are important to you. In addition, the risks of liability and reputation issues are reduced. In addition, using one of DEKRA’s marks makes it easier to export your products or components to different countries since the marks are often compatible with other national schemes.

Product certification at DEKRA

European CE mark

Products marketed in the European Union need to meet various regulations relating to aspects such as, safety, performance, and quality. For most products, manufacturers, importers, and retailers can demonstrate compliance with the applicable regulations by means of the CE mark. They perform the CE conformity assessment themselves and issue the CE mark. Often, they will involve an objective and independent third party, such as DEKRA, to obtain a safety or quality mark (e.g. KEMA-KEUR, ENEC+, or GS).

Product certification by a Notified Body

For specific product groups, it is mandatory to arrange for a third party – called a Notified Body – to certify compliance. This is called an EU-Type Examination. Examples of such product groups include medical devices and electrical products used in explosive atmospheres, toys and telecom & carriers. For the latter, DEKRA is recognized by the FCC as a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) and Regulatory Certification Body (RCB) in the US. In Canada, DEKRA is a Foreign Certification Body (FCB) and an RCB, recognized by ISED.

Prepare products for global sales opportunities

At DEKRA we provide testing and certification services in nearly 200 countries and regions, and we work with more than 100 partners worldwide for local approvals. Would you like to know more about the certificates and quality marks that we issue and how we support you in entering new markets worldwide? Read more about our expertise and services in the field of product certification on the pages below.

Discover product certification at DEKRA

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