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Who is your first point of contact?

Meet our recruiters and get in touch

Meet our recruiters

When you apply for a job at DEKRA, you first get to speak to our recruiters. They will schedule a meeting with you to get to know you. So it's nice to know in advance who you'll meet. That is why our recruiters would like to give a small introduction. They will also tell you what your application process at DEKRA will look like.

Meet Minke

Meet Minke

Are you looking for a job that ticks all the boxes? Then you need to know if all aspects of the job meet your expectations. These expectations are different for each person. What makes a job challenging for you? When do you enjoy going to work? When is the day successful for you? I think it is important to hear your wishes, expectations and ambitions. Because I am looking for the right colleague, and you are looking for an interesting employer. I would be happy to talk to you to see if we have a match. And of course I'm curious about your story!

Minke on LinkedIn

Patricia LinkedIn

Meet Patricia

Doing what makes you happy! That's what I think is important in life. In my profession as a recruiter I hear many people who share my motto. Personally, my job makes me happy, I get a lot of energy from it. I think it is important that people I speak to ask themselves what makes them happy. Because with that information I can ensure a good match at DEKRA.

Do you, like my colleagues, find autonomy, ambition and variety important? Then you are in the right place, because with these values you can be successful at DEKRA.

Patricia on LinkedIn

Lidy linkedin

Meet Lidy

As a Campus Recruiter I help starters and interns to find a challenging job at DEKRA. This way they can make a flying start on the labor market. Starting at a new organization is quite exciting. That is why I think it is important that starters and interns are in the right place. That they do what makes them happy. I myself started quite recently at DEKRA and I experience that there is a lot of room for development and plenty of career opportunities. Curious?

Lidy on LinkedIn

We would love to meet you

Would you like to contact us first to discuss the possibilities of working at DEKRA? No problem! Send us an email or contact us by calling or texting one of our recruiters.

Get in touch:

Minke van Puijenbroek

06 151 724 60

Patricia van der Meij de Bie

06 218 837 07

Lidy Venema

06 502 847 32
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