DEKRA Compliance

Our promise

Integrity, reliability, and neutrality are crucially important at DEKRA.

Not only our organisation’s conduct as a whole but also each individual's conduct significantly influences DEKRA's market reputation and our independence in performing our services and official duties. Our clients and business partners can expect that everyone who works at DEKRA - employees, executives, managing directors and Board members - possesses high ethical standards, reliably fulfills their obligations and acts as a fair business partner.
In this context, clear rules are important in order to know, at all times, what is allowed and what is not. Met de DEKRA compliance-richtlijnen hebben we bij DEKRA voor onszelf wereldwijd bindende gedragsregels opgesteld die ethisch en rechtmatig handelen van alle medewerkers en management van DEKRA vereisen.
The specially created DEKRA Compliance Organization assists management and employees in resolving specific issues and/or questions. It is the duty of all management of the company to practice these principles and to actively communicate them, in addition to ensuring that they are systematically observed within their area of responsibility.
To ensure compliance at all levels and across all sectors at DEKRA, we have established a whistleblower reporting system. We strongly encourage employees to use it. If you see something, say something. Your tips can be reported anonymously, but if you choose to use your name, keep in mind that you are not at risk because you are protected from retaliation by law and policy.