Safety culture
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Culture and leadership

Changing and improving safety performance

People are the core of your organization. You know that and our advisers know it all too well. Although management systems and management programs provide a necessary framework for an optimal business, they will not deliver tangible results if safety is not central within your company culture. A good company culture contributes to a healthy safety culture. And the most important ingredients for a healthy safety culture are involvement, awareness, decision-making and leadership. Your employees are the driving force when it comes to changing and improving safety performance, the overall reliability of the organization and the achievement of operational excellence.

Working together on a safe company culture

DEKRA's advisers are available to work closely together with you and your colleagues. Only together we change the behavior and decision-making processes that have the greatest impact on the prevention of major accidents.
We start at the beginning: to map the current safety culture first, we will have to measure it. We measure, among other things, the culture of care, safety culture ladder and process safety culture.
Together, we work on an effective safety strategy and the investigation of accidents while our training courses and interactive workshops provide extra support. In this way, we involve your employees at all levels and enable them to build a safer, more reliable organization.
Our solutions for a safe company culture