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Sustainability certification audits

DEKRA Audit Netherlands

How to gain insight into your organization's performance when it comes to sustainability?

Sustainability certifications

Combine business success with concern for people and the environment

Of course you want your organisation to grow, but in a healthy way. With respect for the people you work with and for the physical environment. Now and with an eye to the future. In short, with your organisation you seek the perfect balance between people, planet and profit. DEKRA helps you achieve this through audits and certification.

Sustainability is an important element in your management system. Certification in the field of sustainability can help you in various ways. Firstly, it gives you insight into your organisation's performance on various sustainability themes. In addition, it also shows you where you can improve this performance.

DEKRA is your sustainability partner. From advice on the most suitable route to the actual audit. DEKRA's experts closely follow the latest developments in sustainability certification. They are happy to make their knowledge and experience available to you.

Sustainability certification norms in the spotlight

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duurzaamheid circulair ondernemen

Circularity within your organization

Discover our audits that provide insight into the circularity of your business processes.

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Why get your sustainability certificate?

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in business operations. An important step in this is obtaining a sustainability certificate, such as the DEKRA sustainability certificate. This gives your organisation several advantages:

Benefits of sustainability certification

  • Good for the environment

    The most important factor is that it has a positive effect on the environment. Besides all the benefits that apply to your business. Together, we are all trying to make the earth a better place to live. Sustainability certification at DEKRA helps make that happen for your organisation and the world.

  • Increasing demand for products or services

    Obtaining sustainability certification increases your competitiveness. Compared to your competitors, you can then create a leading position within your sector. There is an increasing demand for parties offering sustainable products or services. In addition, certain products or services even require you to be sustainably certified. Moreover, with sustainability certification, you show that your organisation is making progress in this area. This then attracts more attention from customers because you are sustainably certified.

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    With sustainability certification, you show that sustainability is an important value within your organisation. This can provide an advantage in attracting and maintaining customers.

  • Financial savings

    A sustainable policy in your company often also results in financial savings. Think, for example, of solar panels, electric vehicles and ecological temperature control in the office. These investments can save a lot of money on fuel and energy bills.

  • Sustainability decisive for certain customers

    Organisations can demand for sustainable certification in their purchasing process as a guidance to SRI. This is possible because these companies want to include environmental and sustainability aspects. A sustainability certificate can therefore be decisive in attracting certain customers.

EcoVadis platinum sustainability recognition level

DEKRA Ecovadis sustainability rating

In 2022, DEKRA was awarded a platinum sustainability rating by EcoVadis for the second time. This makes DEKRA part of the top 1% of globally rated companies.

Compared to 2021, DEKRA made clear improvements in all four rating categories: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. DEKRA is therefore among the top 1% of rated companies in the industry according to EcoVadis-standards. With over 65,000 companies assessed, EcoVadis is one of the most respected sustainability assessment systems.

Do you want to gain insight into your organisation's CO₂ emmision?

The CO₂ Performance Ladder is encouraging companies to reduce their CO2 emissions. Both in their own business operations and when they carry out projects. This in the field of energy saving, efficient use of materials and when using sustainable energy. The audit can be combined with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, for example.

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An extra step towards a better environment

The CO2 reduction management certificate is an extension of the ISO 14001-certificate focusing on CO2 emission reduction. The CO2 reduction scheme provides insight into your organisation's energy consumption and use. Furthermore, the measures you want to reduce this and the targets associated with them. The effectiveness of the reduction measures is reviewed on a regular basis. So that you can make adjustments or take additional measures if necessary.

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