Peronal certification
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Would you like to test and demonstrate your craftsmanship and professionalism?

Personal Certification

Make professional competence clear and transparent

You want to be sure that you are dealing with professionals as an employer or client. Particularly in high-risk activities, you want to be able to rely on the expertise of the people you work with. That’s why various sectors use personal certification as independent proof of competence.

We certify personal competence according to the requirements set by the industry. We do this by working closely with various trade associations that have established personal certification. We supervise the assessment by managing and maintaining certification schemes and by testing and attending exams, among other things. We also participate in meetings of examination committees, and issue certificates to candidates who meet the criteria.

Easy insight into the status of personal certificates

DEKRA certifies individuals in various professional groups. Among other things, we certify employees who perform high-risk work that could cause personal or business damage. These individuals receive a certificate when they meet the requirements.
Innovation comes first

We participate in various standards committees and are in close contact with industry organizations to discuss the further development of standards and our own services.

Reliable and knowledgeable

DEKRA sets strict requirements for its quality. We only work with skilled and experienced experts who certify within established standards. Reliability and expertise are of utmost importance to us.

Always up-to-date

DEKRA works closely with the Dutch Open University and has access to expertise in the field of e-learning and knowledge management systems.

90 years of experience

DEKRA is a knowledge based organization with more than 90 years of experience.

The most important personal certifications we issue
    DEKRA certifies executive chauffeurs in collaboration with the international training provider for executive chauffeurs, BRUSECO. This involves testing driving skills and professional attitudes under a range of conditions. DEKRA takes the exams and issues the certificate in several European countries, while managing an international register.
    For more information on these training courses, we refer you to the BRUSECO website.