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Materiaalkunde laboratorium DEKRA

Damage assessment expertise

Investigate material damage? Our experts will give you more insight into the origin of the damage.

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Materials science

Types of tests in our materials science lab

Material damage in moving technical systems is a regular occurrence. Think, for example, of broken rails or cracks in a wheel axle. The consequences can be disastrous. Risks vary from a shortened lifespan of a component or system, to machine failures and life-threatening situations. Material damage is often caused by material fatigue, the result of long-term load changes on the material. It is therefore important to understand the condition of materials. It helps you determine the residual life and prevent damage. DEKRA's materials science laboratory examines the condition of materials and, if necessary, the cause of damage.

Materials science lab

DEKRA carries out a wide range of tests and investigations in the materials science laboratory. These include:

  • damage assessment of both small objects and large equipment
  • determining the material composition and material properties of a component
  • determining whether components meet the requirements
  • non-destructive testing of components

We deal with a diverse range of complex issues concerning components and systems. We always do that in combination with our expertise in materials and years of experience in materials assessment. As many of the issues are unique, the solutions tend to be customised. Our modern materials science laboratory allows us to provide this customisation. The versatile laboratory is equipped with a wide range of instruments and devices to carry out each type of test, measurement or inspection. This allows us to gear our tests in material science to your specific case.

Insights into materials for asset lifecycle management

For optimal asset lifecycle management, insight into your components and systems is crucial. Information about the condition and the degradation process helps you keep a grip on quality and safety during the entire lifecycle. If there is, however, a malfunction or damage, then the experts of DEKRA will investigate the cause and source in our materials science laboratory. We have an interdisciplinary approach. When necessary, our experts in material science call upon the expertise of our DEKRA colleagues from, for example, the tribology or mechanics department.

Flexibility and customization

DEKRA’s well-equipped materials science laboratory provides flexibility in testing. We can gear all our equipment to your specific situation. We customise our measurement and testing systems according to your issues. This high level of flexibility ensures that no task is too difficult for us. You can therefore come to us with any case.

Behind the scenes at DEKRA Materials Science

Meet Jari and take a look inside our lab

Materials science lab

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Choose your damage assessment pack

Basic damage assessment

Analysis by an expert to investigate the damage and determine the cause and circumstances of the damage. You will receive a concise report with all relevant points for effectively repairing of the damage​

  • Quick insight into damage and cause
  • Brief but complete damage report ​
  • Efficient process at low cost

What's included in the basic pack?Rate
Damage assessment
+ quickscan report
Starts at € 500,-

Standard damage assessment

Thorough analysis to investigate the damage and circumstances. Our standard damage report gives you full insight into the extent and cause of the damage, so that you may be able to prevent any damage to your assets in the future

  • Full insight into damage and circumstances
  • Complete report including remediation actions​
  • Valuable tips to prevent damage​

What's included in the standard pack?Rate
Damage assessment
+ Standard report
Starts at € 2,500

Premium damage assessment

Expert damage investigation tailored to your specific wishes and needs. The damage report provides you with in-depth insights and practical solutions for effective damage repair. Our expert will personally go through the report with you. the extensive damage report clearly shows the cause of the damage and thus offers you legal certainty.

  • Damage investigation according to your wishes and needs​
  • Extensive damage report with explanation from the expert​
  • Legal certainty through demonstrable cause of the damage

What's included in the Premium Pack?Rate
Damage assessment
+ Comprehensive report​
+ Explanation from the expert​
Upon request

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