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DEKRA certifies products, organizations and individuals in various sectors. If a product, organization or person has successfully completed the assessment against a standard, they will receive a certificate.You can gain insight into these certificates by accessing our certificate databases below.
Product Certification
Purchasing a product that is certified by DEKRA gives you full assurance that the product complies with the relevant standards. It means that a professional certification body has thoroughly screened the product. A reassuring thought in a world full of ever-expanding product ranges and growing complexity of products.
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Certified Persons
DEKRA certifies people in various professional groups. We certify, among other things, employees who perform risky work that can cause personal or economic damage (such as working with high voltage). When this person meets the requirements, he will receive a certificate.
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Certified Organizations
DEKRA Audit tests and certifies quality, health, safety and environmental care systems against international or local standards. We certify organizations in many different sectors. If an organization has successfully completed the assessment against a standard, it will receive a certificate. You can find the status of these certificates (valid, suspended or withdrawn) via the button below.
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