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Supporting your innovations in lighting


Safe is lighting switched on to every movement

The lighting industry is developing rapidly and competition in the market is increasing. In a highly professionalized industry, high-quality products and components come first and have the best chance of becoming widely adopted. In addition, lighting has become an integral part of the design, contracting and construction of new buildings.

Clients want assurance that your products are safe, sustainable and durable. At the same time, incorporating extensive metrics and big data will become key in standing out from the competition. The advent of new, more sustainable technologies and ways of working places greater emphasis on human-centric lighting, but also demands more complex testing requirements.

From design to delivery

Whether you are in public lighting, domestic/professional applications or retrofit, as a full service provider we will help you tackle the challenges you face through rigorous safety testing, EMC testing, regulatory testing and wireless testing. Working with us means we take your specific requirements into account. Our DEKRA LED Performance Mark and the ENEC+ Mark can help you to set your products apart from the competition and comply with the growing range of energy-efficiency regulations.

Our experts work with the most complex photometric concepts, such as lamp efficacy and light distribution, on a daily basis. Our global network of specialized laboratories will give you access to many markets, wherever you are located. As a frontrunner in new technologies, such as LED, OLED, LASER, and standards such as ZHAGA and cyber security and privacy, we are constantly investing in updating our knowledge. This enables us to better meet your needs and provide you with up-to-date information and training possibilities. Our labs have accreditations, such as ENEC, CB, RvA (ILAC signatory), Energy Star and Zhaga.

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Jacob Nuesink

Jacob Nuesink

DEKRA Product Testing

Meander 1051

6825 MJ Arnhem

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