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Are your lighting products safe and do they meet all required certifications?

Testing of lighting

Certify against various lighting standards

Would you like to know whether your lighting complies with CE regulations? Are you looking for a test centre to perform a specific test? Or do you want certification which singles out your product from the competition? DEKRA offers you a full range of services when it comes to the testing and certification of lighting. Discover our extensive portfolio of lighting-related services.

We test all sorts of lighting and light fittings which are used in public spaces, in workplace environments and in the home setting. In addition, we test retrofit products and more complex systems, for example, for emergency lighting. Our extensive experience enables us to test products, for example, with respect to their product safety, functional safety, cyber security, material safety and performance.

Testing lighting at DEKRA

Quality Marks

What quality marks do we issue?

Customers want to be sure that the products they buy meet key quality requirements. Certification is a good way of being able to demonstrate this. DEKRA can be called upon to provide the following types of certification:
  • ENEC (European Norms European Certification)  
    This certificate shows that your product meets the European safety standard.  
  • ENEC+  
    This certificate relates to your product’s performance. A precondition is that is already has the ENEC certificate.
  • CB certification
    This is an agreement between countries which are affiliated to the IECEE. These member bodies recognise the CB certificate as a basis for their own national certificates.   
  • DEKRA Mark 
    Our own safety certificate is a guarantee of your product’s safety. It shows that your product has been tested and meets the safety standards.
  • cDEKRAus  
    Our cDEKRAus certificate enables you to sell products on the Canadian and United States’ markets.
  • CoC UAE
    DEKRA issues this certificate for emergency lighting in the United Arab Emirates.
Lighting standards
We test all types of lighting and all lighting components

CE directives lighting testing

Your customers want to know that the products they use are safe and comply with the relevant CE directives. In Europe self-certification is permitted. That means you can test your lighting products yourself and, if the test is successful, affix CE marking on your products. To build up extra trust amongst customers, you can also have your products tested by an independent body, such as DEKRA.

The 5 CE directives for lighting

1. LVD (low voltage directive) 2014/35/EU
This directive covers the health and safety risks of electrical equipment with 50 to 1,000 volts under alternating current and 75 to 1,500 volts under direct current.
2. EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) 2014/30/EU
3. RoHS/REACH (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) 2015/863 and 1907/2006/EU
4. ErP (Energy-Related Products) 2009/125/EC
5. RED (Radio Equipment Directive)

Our way of working

    You submit an application through our website which will be reviewed by our sales department.
    We ask you to provide us with any necessary additional information, such as a product data sheet, so that we can draw up a quote. If you need any help or advice when submitting the information, feel free to ask. For example, we can tell you how to prepare samples for a test.
    EXTRA: Guidance hours with an expert
    Would you like to speak to an expert about your lighting? If so, our experts can issue you with a guidance card. This lists the number of hours you have to discuss technical-related matters of your lighting with one of our experts. This way, we provide you with an insight into any issues you may have, for example, relating to safety, performance, certification or testing. You can use these hours either in a personal or digital setting. Interested? indicate this in your quote request or contact us via sales​.nl@​dekra​.com​.
    Benefits of DEKRA
    Always a solution

    We test all types of lighting and lighting components. Even if your products are innovations for which no standard has yet been developed.

    Global Market Access

    We inspect lighting and lighting components according to the requirements that apply in various countries, so that you can market them where you want.

    One fixed point of contact

    You always have one fixed point of contact during the entire process. Even when you enter markets outside Europe.

    Direct contact with engineers

    You can have direct contact with engineers to make possible adjustments to your product in the meantime.

    Testing under accreditation

    DEKRA is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) for performing independent tests. The council is responsible for ensuring we carry out this testing correctly. Our lab scope and certification scope list all the standards for which we have accreditation. The fact that we test under an accreditation scheme gives you and your clients the assurance that our testing is carried out correctly and independently. We can perform almost any test under accreditation, with lab and test reports meeting the requirements of ISO 17025. Are you missing any standards in our scope? We can also carry out testing for (lighting) standards which are not in our accreditation scope. After the tests, you will always receive a testing rapport with the results.

    Global market access with your lighting

    Are you planning to enter markets outside Europe? In that case you will be faced with other national and international requirements. Each country has its own requirements and theses can sometimes be complex. We can help you decide on the best approach to getting the right certifications for your products. To this end, we can fall back on an extensive knowledge of legislation and regulations at an international level. This will enable you to access (inter)national markets more quickly and efficiently. Read more about DEKRA’s global access services here and take advantage of our worldwide network of partners. What’s more, we will provide you with a fixed contact at DEKRA.

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