DEKRA sustainability strategy and goals
DEKRA Sustainability

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Strategy & Targets

Board Statement

With our Sustainability Strategy 2025, we strive to further improve sustainability performance within our company and our value chains as well as for our customers through our business activities.

Around the world, we are witnessing dramatic consequences of human-induced climate change. The rise in global temperatures and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns are having devastating consequences on biodiversity and human societies.
Merely complying with regulations is no longer enough. For companies, it is a moral as well as business imperative to be part of the solution. DEKRA is aware of its responsibility and has placed sustainability, in all its aspects, at the core of our Vision 2025: we will be the global partner for a safe, secure, and sustainable world!
That means that we are working tirelessly to improve our own internal sustainability performance, and sustainability performance of our supply chain. And we are supporting our customers with deep expertise and innovative services on their journeys towards their environmental, social and governance goals.

DEKRA's sustainability strategy

With our Sustainability Strategy, our objective is to achieve by 2025 major progress in our four fields of action “climate & environment”, “employees & society”, “supply & value chain”, and “management & governance”. This includes:
  • continuously reducing our carbon footprint;
  • expanding our use of renewable energy;
  • increasing employee training and engagement;
  • promoting diversity and inclusion;
  • improving occupational health and safety;
  • promoting sustainability in the supply chain;
  • and expanding the range of sustainability-related services we offer.
As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we strive to support our customers on their sustainability journeys. The DEKRA Corporate Focus Area (CFA) Sustainability Services was created for this reason and involves the expansion of our service portfolio in the three key areas “energy transition”, “ESG” (Environment, Social, Governance), and “circular economy”.

Strategic area's

In four strategic areas, we are focusing on continuously improving our sustainability performance. This means reducing negative impacts and strengthening positive ones. The four areas are:
1. Environment & Climate
2. Employees & Society
3. Management & Governance
4. Supply & Value Chain
With our Sustainability Strategy 2025, we aim to further improve the sustainability performance within our company and our value chains as well as for our customers through our business activities.

Our Targets

    We aim to continuously improve our sustainability performance over the long term and to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By 2025 we aim to be a sustainability leader. This includes continuing our economic success and implementing and living our vision of becoming the global partner for a safer world. In accordance with our Sustainability Strategy 2025, we pursue the following overarching goals:
    • To optimize our contribution to climate protection and resource conservation through our systematic environmental management.
    • To continue to be an attractive employer, to live diversity and to expand our social commitment to sustainability.
    • To ensure the Group-wide organizational integration of sustainability management, reliable and transparent reporting and successful external sustainability ratings.
    • To integrate sustainability holistically in our supply chain and to further expand our services and solutions in the area of sustainability.

    Sustainability Principles

    Responsible Corporate Management
    Our aim is to secure our company’s long-term success, taking account of our corporate and environmental responsibility. We live out fair competition and do not tolerate any form of corruption. We safeguard the data of our customers, business partners and employees. The integrity, reliability and neutrality of all our employees are of decisive importance. With the DEKRA Compliance Guidelines, we have issued a set of guidelines and policies that are binding worldwide and require ethical behavior that is compliant with the law from all DEKRA employees and managers.
    Value Chain
    Innovation & Future Viability
    Safety & Society

    Our four fields of action