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How do you make sure your products are really safe?

DEKRA Mark product certification

Ensuring product safety. Now and in the future

DEKRA Mark is one of our primary certification marks. It demonstrates your products have been thoroughly tested and meet all required safety standards. As DEKRA Mark is based on internationally accepted and recognized standards, it is your product’s passport to access local markets all over the world.

The DEKRA Mark certification scheme is an ISO Type 5 certification. We test and certify virtually any electrical product, for consumer and for professional and industrial use. With our state-of-the-art facilities across the globe, DEKRA has everything necessary to test, inspect and certify your products in line with the most common safety requirements. Watch the video to find out how our primary certification mark ensures the safety of your products.
Benefits of the DEKRA Mark
Easy global market access

Easy market access to different countries, which accept EN or IEC Standards.

Demonstrates safety at a glance

Demonstrate your product has been thoroughly tested and meets all required safety standards.

Tailor made test solutions

Integrate assessments and re-examinations with your own specific quality process.

Cost effective and efficient testing

Multiple cost effective testing options available and combining mandatory inspections for different markets.

Use of DEKRA CheckMe Register

Any stakeholder can scan the QR code or enter the certificate number to access detailed product certification information.

Powered by DEKRA

DEKRA Mark is endorsed by the internationally renowned, recongnized and independent 3rd party organization DEKRA.

Electrical product safety testing

We test and certify virtually any electrical product, for consumer, professional and industrial use. This includes electric appliances and product components as well as industrial equipment. Here are some examples of what we can test, inspect and certify:
  • lighting
  • charging stations of electric vehicles
  • electrical equipment for medical use
  • batteries and energy storage systems
  • laboratory equipment
  • smart sensors for industrial use
  • power outlets and (industrial) cables
  • capacitors as components
  • household equipment
  • installation accessories and connection devices
  • IT and office equipment
  • installation protective equipment
  • and more

The most complete certification process

The certification scheme of DEKRA Mark includes everything you need to ensure your stakeholders that your product is tested, inspected and certified by DEKRA:
  • type tested product
  • valid DEKRA Mark certificate
  • annual CIG023 factory inspection
  • annual product re-examination
  • use of the DEKRA Mark logo in your product marketing and communication
  • online access to the DEKRA Certified Product Register
Which advantages do you have access to per DEKRA Mark level?

Modular testing program

To make the certification process easier for you, we offer a modular testing program. This means that we can always find a suitable approach to meet your specific type testing needs. The tests and inspections our experts conduct for you to obtain the DEKRA Mark can also be used as a base for other certification schemes, such as:
  • full testing in DEKRA laboratories near you
  • testing at your own test facility, conducted by DEKRA experts
  • full witnessed testing at your own test facility or in DEKRA laboratories
  • witnessed testing as part of a test program at your own test facility or in DEKRA laboratories
The DEKRA Certified Product Register is your on-demand database in which you – and other important stakeholders – can easily request and view your product certificates. Click the button below to go to the database.

Your gateway to global market access

With our state-of-the-art facilities across the globe, DEKRA has everything necessary to test, inspect and certify your products in line with the most common safety requirements. DEKRA Mark has been officially accredited by the RvA, which is appointed by the Dutch government as the national accreditation body based on European Regulation 765/2008. Since DEKRA Mark supports both IEC and EN safety standards, it helps you gain trouble-free access to countries that accept these standards.
Are you planning to market your products in Canada or the United States? No need to worry. DEKRA is a Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) accredited by OSHA (U.S.) and a Certification Body accredited by the SCC (Canada). Similar like our DEKRA Mark, we offer a specific product certification mark called cDEKRAus that will help you access the North American market provided that your product complies with the relevant local safety standards.
And on top of that, we can support you with our Global Market Access service. A perfect combination of DEKRA expertise and online tools to help you launch your products wherever you like. Learn more about our Global Market Access services in the video's and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Type 5 certification

The DEKRA Mark certification scheme is an ISO Type 5 certification. This type of certification is a contractual agreement between the manufacturer and the accredited Certification Body like DEKRA, intended for products that want to meet the highest quality and safety standards. An ISO Type 5 certification includes:
  • inspection of the production processes
  • testing of product performance
  • extensive testing on safety aspects
  • compliance check on regulatory safety requirements
By passing these thorough checks and evaluations, products that have the DEKRA Mark demonstrate that they are of the highest safety and meet all relevant standards. As our primary quality mark, DEKRA Mark goes beyond just the product certificate. It contributes to building trust and loyalty since you have proved you care deeply about your customer's safety. It can also help increase your product's visibility in the market and create new sales opportunities.

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In the past, KEMA-KEUR has been one of the most well-known product certification marks. Although this mark has many of the same features as DEKRA Mark - both cover the same technical requirements and processes - DEKRA Mark offers extra benefits. Download our brochures to learn more about the added value of DEKRA Mark.