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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) & Advanced NDT

Non-Destructive Material Testing plays a vital role in many industries. Alongside traditional testing techniques, DEKRA offers a wide range of special testing methods. Our inspectors are specialists in their field and will always present you with a reliable test result, as well as advising on whether further testing is necessary in any given evaluation situation.

DEKRA provides various advanced solutions for Non-Destructive Testing. Historically, testing of power plant components has been a large part of our service offerings. However, any component can be tested non-destructively. Furthermore, radiography, destructive testing, failure and root cause investigations can be performed.

component testing non destructive

Component Testing

DEKRA tests various components, such as boilers, steam and gas turbines, steam pipes and vessels, heat exchangers and generators for corrosion and wear with a variety of Non-Destructive Testing methods that save costs and shorten downtime.

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corosion creep monitoring

Online Monitoring of Corrosion and Creep

Pressurized material is subjected to creep when operating at temperatures above approximately 400-450°C. An accurate approach of determining life time consumption and remaining life is determining the actual creep damage by measurement of the creep strain. SPICA is a method to perform such strain measurements accurately and during operation.

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