Exposure assessment

Need an additional assessment?

If you are planning to conduct a hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) - either yourself or via a third party - you may find that it reveals the need for additional assessment. For example, if the people in your organisation work with hazardous substances or are subject to harmful noise. Or if there is a risk of exposure to harmful viruses, bacteria or mould. Reliable assessment is essential to ensure the safety of the work environment and the health of your employees. Our occupational hygienists can help you achieve both.

Exposure assessment for optimal HSE

Our exposure assessments are an important part of the consultancy services we provide surrounding HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) because the environment in which people work has a direct effect on their health and safety. Our exposure assessments focus on: 
  • hazardous substances 
  • biological agents 
  • harmful noise 
  • vibrations 
  • ergonomics
  • physical strain
  • radiation
  • (indoor) climate and indoor air
After an exposure assessment, we work with you to identify clear and practical improvements based on the findings obtained. We also help you implement and safeguard your prevention policy. 

Our exposure assessment method

1. Initial risk assessment
We conduct a workplace survey and interview your employees to assess tasks and workplaces in which exposure is possible. If we are assessing exposure to hazardous substances, we will also establish which hazardous substances there are.
2. Measurements
3. Report
4. Explanation
5. Action plan and guidance
6. Presentation

DEKRA’s occupational hygienists

DEKRA employs experienced occupational hygienists. We have gained extensive knowledge and experience from the many exposure assessments we have performed in various branches and industries over the years. The methods we apply when conducting assessments will be determined by the legislation and regulations applicable and with best practices in mind. We also have our own measurement equipment.

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