DEKRA Netherlands Accreditations

DEKRA believes it is important that independent third parties also recognize that we handle testing and certification in a correct and responsible manner. Our accreditations confirm the reliability of our services and facilities and the competencies of our qualified staff.

This page lists the accreditations (only available in Dutch) of the various DEKRA companies based in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, the Council for Accreditation (RvA) oversees accreditations for certification bodies.
Overview of all DEKRA Certifcation b.v accreditations in the field of Audits
For an up-to-date overview of our accreditations, please visit www​.rva​.en
Accreditation ISO 17021
For details, please visit www​.rva-c013​.en
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 20000-1
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 45001
  • SHE Checklist Contractors (VCA)
  • VG Checklist Temporary Work Organisations (VCU)
  • Criteria for the operation of amusement centres
  • SCIOS certification scheme
  • CO2 Performance Ladder
  • HKZ certification for quality management systems
  • HKZ certification for small organisations
  • NEN-EN 15224 Care and welfare - Quality management systems
  • NEN 7510-1 Medical informatics - Information security in health care
Accreditation ISO 17065
For details, please visit www​.rva-c001​.en
  • Better Biomass NTA 8080-1 and NTA 8080-2 Sustainably produced biomass for bioenergy and biobased products
  • BRL 6000-25 Assessment guideline for the InstallQ process certificate for gas incineration plants.
  • BRL 9500 National assessment guideline for the KOMO® or NL-EPBD® process certificate for Energy Performance Consultancy, respectively
  • CCV Certification scheme Fire alarm installations (BMI)
  • CCV certification scheme Evacuation alarm installations (OAI)
  • BRL 100 Assessment guideline for the f-gases certificate for companies
  • BRL 6000-21:2019 Assessment guideline for the InstallQ process certificate for the Design and Installation of Energy Systems and the Management of Soil Energy Systems
Accreditation ISO 17020 type A
For details, please visit www​.rva-i084​.en
  • Verification double counting improved biofuels
  • Entry verification at a tax warehouse (AGP), registered consignee (GG) or an importer
  • Verification of registration at a supplier of electricity to road vehicles in the Netherlands
  • Entry verification at a supplier of gaseous biofuel to transport in the Netherlands
  • Inspection of taxi companies (TX Keur)
Product Testing