Tribology expertise
Tribology expertise

Research based on oil and grease analyses for monitoring the condition of your lubricated systems.

Oil analysis in our laboratory

Obtain insight into the condition of your assets and lubricated systems.

The DEKRA experts inspect and analyze your oil based on their years of tribology expertise and technical knowledge. This enables you to keep control of the availability, technical lifespan and life cycle costs (LCC) of your assets.

Tribology is the science and engineering related to the behavior of two surfaces moving past each other (also known as ‘friction science’). An important aspect within tribology is the control of friction and wear, for example by the use of a lubricant. Friction and wear in systems influences the functioning of your assets and materials.

Oil analysis: what are your benefits?

DEKRA is an independent and reliable partner. With our knowledge and research methods, we provide a solid foundation for:

Our independent and professional oil analysis laboratory

In addition to the standard test methods, DEKRA also uses self-developed test methods. These have been perfected over decades, based on thousands of analyzed samples. We examine your lubricated systems and also determine the quantity, composition and size of the wear parts. This enables us to report on:
  • the residual life of the lubricant;
  • which parts are wearing out; and
  • the degree and severity of the wear.
In addition, we can advise you in the choice of lubricant to ensure that it is suitable for your application. If necessary, we use our own test methods to simulate the specific usage conditions.
Are you looking for a custom solution? Our tribology experts are happy to offer you solutions for your specific problems.
What do our customers say?
“In my experience, the services provided by the Tribology department are very good and often excellent. I very much enjoy working with this department. The Tribology department not only performs analyses, but also provides very specific advice. It is of added value for me that DEKRA knows the NS rolling stock very well. The lines of communication are short and we regularly consult with the NS rolling stock teams, so we work together to keep the condition monitoring on track.
In recent years, NS and DEKRA have collaborated very intensively in order to maximize the operational reliability of the NS rolling stock. We often work together with the experts from DEKRA in terms of component research on gearboxes, as well as for maintenance research on wheel axle bearings and traction motors.”
- Bert Beentjes, System Engineer at NS Techniek
“Van Meeuwen Lubrication has been doing business with DEKRA’s Tribology department for more than 25 years and we are very satisfied. The high degree of expertise of DEKRA’s experts in the specific field as well as their proactive input and problem-solving ability are central to our collaboration.”
- Taco Mets, Technical Director at Van Meeuwen Lubrication

Insight into the performance of your assets by our oil analysis laboratory

We are happy to provide you with more insight into how the performance of your assets is affected by friction, lubrication and wear. We do this based on our extensive experience in the field of tribology and materials science research methods.

Where is our research applied?

  • Rolling stock: train, tram, metro, bus, truck
  • Industrial applications: machinery and production lines, steel industry, machine building, food and packaging industry, cranes, shipping, on-/offshore installations
  • Infrastructural works: flood defenses, movable bridges, locks
  • Energy supplies: wind energy, medium and high-voltage installations

What systems benefit from an oil analysis?

  • Gears
  • Transmissions
  • Chains
  • Bearings
  • Compressors
  • Electric and internal combustion engines
  • Hydraulics
  • Transformers/insulation oils
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