Tribology research

Research into friction and wear of your lubricated systems

Lubricated systems are subject to wear. This raises several questions. How long will your systems last? How can you guarantee save use? And, if there are calamities, how should you deal with them? Find out how you can benefit from our research into the friction and wear of your lubricated systems.

Gain insight into the degree of friction and wear of your lubricated systems, such as rolling bearings and gear transmissions. DEKRA's experts are specialized in investigating and assessing this. We can report on the functioning of systems. We do this through unique combinations of research. Namely, through macro- and microscopic research in combination with lubricant analyses. And, if necessary, supplemented with research in our materials science laboratory.

How does tribology research provide insight into the condition of your assets?

Our tribology experts are happy to provide you with insight into the performance of your assets which are affected by friction, lubrication and wear. We do this in three ways:
We analyze, test and examine oil, magnetic plugs, greases, and oil filters.
We provide independent advice and conduct maintenance research to determine the technical residual life.
We help you to select suitable lubricants for your application(s).
Here you will find an overview of our test methods and types of analyses. We are of course happy to tailor these to your organization’s needs. Complete the online form to request a free analysis of an oil sample, or contact us directly.