Railway inspection
DEKRA Inspection

Want to gain valuable insights into your asset lifecycle management?

Inspecting moving technical systems

Insight into condition, quality and functionality

What is the condition of your equipment? How did damage occur to your assets? How long will a component continue to work safely? And how much wear occurs in your lubricated systems? DEKRA inspects components, systems, infrastructures and processes. The experts of DEKRA also look at the specific conditions in which the asset is used. This produces complete and accurate data, information and insight.

Inspections for asset lifecycle management

The results of our inspections provide you with valuable insight into your asset lifecycle management. During the lifecycle of your assets our experts can monitor and determine the condition, quality and functionality of your assets. This also helps to predict the end of their technical life. Should your assets fail before the end of the planned life, inspections will provide you with insight into the cause.

Our inspections

In our own extensive laboratory in Utrecht we carry out various types of inspections, grounded in years of expertise in areas such as materials science, tribology and mechanics. We work with a modern arsenal of measuring equipment. Recently we expanded with:

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