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We innovate safety and security with smart solutions to make our digitalized and connected world safer. Discover how our product testing and certification expertise helps you move forward in our ever-changing world.

Our product testing experts carry out independent product safety inspections. We test, inspect and certify your products, ensuring they meet all relevant legislation and regulations in various sectors. This gives you access to national, European and/or global markets. DEKRA has extensive product testing expertise. We are able to test virtually any electrical product, including electric appliances and industrial equipment.
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Product Testing at DEKRA

Are you launching new products on the market? Then it is important to test your products. DEKRA is your global partner for safety and sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of your products.

Safe electrical products

Different requirements apply for all these products. Our product testing experts know which specific requirements your products will need to meet before you market them. We test your products in our own laboratories and have a wide range of test facilities. Some examples of what we test follow below:
  • Lighting
  • Electric vehicles
  • Charging stations
  • Electric medical devices
  • Batteries
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Smart sensors for industry
  • Power points and cables
Is it mandatory to have my product tested??

Produc testing as a choice

In some cases, you can test your products yourself to see whether they meet the relevant requirements. CE requirements, for example. These are the minimum requirements to be met by products before they can be marketed in Europe.
Yet we see that manufacturers, even if it is not mandatory, choose to engage an external party. It provides several advantages:
1. You don’t need to employ people with the specialist knowledge needed;
2. You don’t have to invest in test facilities yourself;
3. Independent reports to authorities and the market carry more weight than your own reports would;
4. You save time and capacity;
5. You can market your products in countries outside Europe - where an independent report is required.

Mandatory product testing

Product testing is mandated for making sure your product is in compliance with:
  • Safety standards
    Depending on the industry and the type of product, there are often specific safety standards that your product must meet. For example, consumer goods must comply with regulations regarding electrical safety, chemical content, flammability or explosion safety.
  • Quality control
    Many industries have quality control regulations in place to ensure that products are manufactured consistently and meet certain quality standards. This may involve testing for factors such as durability, performance, accuracy or reliability.
  • Environmental regulations
    Environmental regulations apply to some products. This may include restrictions on hazardous substances, energy efficiency requirements or recycling and disposal guidelines.
  • Data privacy & cybersecurity
    In industries that handle sensitive customer data, such as healthcare or finance, compliance with data privacy and security regulations is critical. Here it is important that you use secure systems for processing personal information and that data breaches do not occur.
Which quality marks does DEKRA issue?
Are there special requirements for medical devices?
Is cybersecurity also included in the tests?

Sustainability and sustainable product testing

As the partner for a sustainable world, we have all the expertise necessary to verify that your sustainable innovations - heat pumps, energy storage systems (ESS) and electric vehicles, etc. - meet a number of requirements. For electric vehicles, testing will include tests for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), electric safety, headlight range and a water test to check that headlights are waterproof. There’s a lot of software in cars nowadays too. We carry out tests to see how good a car’s cyber security is, whether it still charges property if it’s parked in a room at 40 degrees for an extended period of time or - at the other end of the scale - in a room at -30 degrees. How does an electric car communicate with a charging station? An increasing number of products have a wireless communication connection (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G, etc.). Here too, specific requirements apply.
We here at DEKRA have also set ourselves ambitious sustainability goals . Our aim is to be energy-neutral by 2025. Sustainability plays an important role in our approach, business operations and investments as well. EcoVadis, a world-leading assessor of sustainability performance, awarded DEKRA a platina rating in 2020. This puts DEKRA in the top 1% of the companies rated worldwide.
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