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Product optimization

DEKRA Product Testing

How to make sure your products reach optimal quality and performance levels?

Product optimization for quality and performance

Valuable insight on product usability and performance

DEKRA’s comprehensive range of usability and performance testing services help our customers to develop the best quality products, perfectly adapted to the needs of the final user.

The benefits of usability & performance testing

  • Develop the highest possible quality products.

  • Ensure your products are adapted to the needs of the final user.

  • Wide range of fitness-for-use (FFS), performance and calibration tests.

  • Focus on functionality, handling, user-friendliness and accessibility.

  • Verify that your products meet all national and international standards.

About usability & performance testing

Product optimization and performance test

Usability and performance testing can help you reduce risks and liability by giving insight into the quality of a product or component. DEKRA offers customers a wide range of fitness-for-use (FFS), performance and tests across our network of testing laboratories worldwide. Our usability and performance testing specialists have decades of experience of ensuring that customers’ products are rigorously tested against different conditions, use cases and additional requirements beyond basic regulatory standards. Usability and performance tests usually focus on areas including functionality, handling, user-friendliness and accessibility. Our experts perform comprehensive tests against standardized performance plans or develop test plans according to the particular needs of the customer.

In global markets where competition is fierce, DEKRA’s rigorous product testing helps our customers to improve their products by benchmarking against state-of-the-art solutions and their competitors’ products.

At DEKRA, our usability and performance testing specialists are able to identify the necessary usability and performance requirements based on the targeted sales channels that a particular customer has. Whether you are aiming at the domestic market or targeting export countries, we can deliver testing services, which can indirectly contribute to achieving higher user satisfaction, reduced liability and risks, fewer recalls and lower warranty costs.

About our optimization tests

We test for

  • Energy efficiency / labelling against EU ErP regulations
  • Battery performance
  • Environmental performance e.g. environmental footprint of products
  • LED lighting performance e.g. DEKRA LED performance
  • Ethernet PHY performance
  • Software performance

Product that we test (a.o.)

  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machines
  • Household appliances
  • Power tools
  • Lithium-ion battery packs
  • LED lamps and luminaires
  • LED street and public lighting
  • IT products
  • Ethernet boards

DEKRA performs usability testing (also called fitness-for-use or FFU testing) to assess the quality and longevity of finished products. The tests can focus on, for example, functionality, handling, user-friendliness and accessibility. Based on the manufacturer's needs, a test program is developed by DEKRA. National or international performance standards are used in addition to support ratings of products. Products that meet the requirements are awarded the DEKRA Seal, which provides clear and transparent proof of performance from a neutral organization.

Performance testing is offered for a variety of performance criteria, such as energy efficiency, resource efficiency, reparability or just simply the performance of your Ethernet interface. DEKRA offers a variety of performance tests for many markets and products, from energy efficiency and consumption tests for consumer products to evaluating how your product compares with regards to environmental performance.

Performance testing can help you gain a competitive edge by benchmarking and supporting your marketing or labelling claims. In addition, it can help you simply confirm product compliance with, for example, the European Union or Australian minimum energy performance requirements and energy labelling regulations.

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