Hydrogen Economy at DEKRA.
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DEKRA shares an envisioned future of a Hydrogen Economy and is a facilitator of safe decarbonization

Hydrogen Economy

Green hydrogen is the fuel for a carbon-neutral future

Hydrogen technologies are poised to take on an indispensable role in global climate change control strategies, using green hydrogen as an emission-free or a synthetic fuel, as a universal energy storage option with applications ranging from auxiliary services to seasonal storage, and as a green feedstock solution for high-emission industries.

The phase-out from the fossil fuel economy in accordance with the Paris COP21 global climate change agreement can only be achieved through the implementation of a Hydrogen Economy as depicted in the graphics below. This means integrating the renewable power sector with the end-user energy sectors
Mobility, Industry and Buildings via a Hydrogen-Infrastructure sector, the latter including production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen.