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EMC testing

DEKRA Product Testing

Demonstrate that your devices and components meet all international EMC requirements?

EMC testing

Electromagnetic compatibility testing

Are you launching an electrical device or component any time soon? If so, one essential requirement is that it is compatible with other electrical devices. This is referred to as electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC for short. DEKRA is able to perform EMC testing for you. To do this, we operate our own EMC laboratory in Arnhem. In this way, your products will satisfy national and international standards and requirements.

EMC testing

Electrical devices come with an electromagnetic field. This should not interfere with any other electrical devices. Nor, for that matter, should any electrical device suffer interference from other devices. When these devices are functioning normally, without interference from each other, it means that have electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Almost all electrical devices must undergo EMC and RF testing as a pre-requisite, which means anything from mobile telephones to electric trucks and electronic medical devices.

Benefits of an EMC test

  • You will meet the statutory requirements necessary to market an electrical product.

  • You will gain access to international markets.

  • You will be ensuring the safe use of electrical devices and components.

About our EMC testing

DEKRA can perform EMC testing on almost any electrical device and component. These tests have been specially designed to measure immunity and emissions. We check on whether the results satisfy the requirements set down in the standards. Our EMC testing offers the necessary proof that your products are immune to electromagnetic interference, plus the fact that their energy emissions fall below the levels that might be harmful to users or to the environment. These levels have likewise been set down in standards for which we provide certification. Our EMC testing applies to:

  • household appliances
  • power tools
  • electric toys
  • lighting products
  • consumer electronics
  • IT and office equipment
  • audio-visual equipment

  • telecommunication devices
  • smart devices for use in the home
  • portable devices and wireless products
  • industrial, scientific and medical devices
  • measuring and laboratory equipment
  • electrical components (such as switches and dimmers)
  • power sources and electronics (such as batteries, UPS and PV inverters)

DEKRA’s way of working

DEKRA has a global network of testing labs and specialised EMC experts able to test your products for electromagnetic compatibility. We ensure that all our customers’ products comply fully with any current or necessary EMC requirements in any market. With our wide range of services, we can guarantee that your products meet the requirements on all fronts. This will also enable you to reduce the ‘time to market’ for your products.

We test under an accreditation scheme. This means that the method of testing in the Netherlands is inspected annually by the RvA, the Dutch body which is responsible for accreditation. As such, a report issued by DEKRA is accepted worldwide.

We test with respect to the international standards, both in our laboratories and on site. In this way, we are able to take the whole process off your hands. We decide beforehand on which devices, parts or components exactly will be tested and update the documentation. We book the test facilities to carry out EMC testing and keep you informed about progress and results.

EMC directives

Want to know more about EMC directives?

In this blog you can read more about EMC and the directive governing it. It includes answers to questions like: which products must comply with the EMC directive?

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