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homologation for vehicles

DEKRA Product Testing

How do you make sure your automotive products are in compliance with international standards?

Homologation for vehicles and components

Comprehensive International Type Approval Services

As a designated technical service provider, DEKRA offers the entire range of approval tests: from tests and appraisals for EC whole and EC part type approval certificates to technical reports for ECE approvals and tests conducted in accordance with national regulations.

The benefits of Type Approval & Homologation

  • Ensure that your product complies to international standards

  • Homologation/type approval and driving dynamics testing of all vehicle types

  • Homologation of automotive components

  • All approval tests in accordance with relevant international and national regulations

  • A global approach combining our worldwide facilities, expertise, and know-how

  • All your homologation/type approval needs from a single source

About Type Approval & Homologation


When selling your vehicles or vehicle parts in different international markets, you need to obtain the correct approvals according to the legal requirements of your target markets. Our automotive testing experts offer DEKRA customers vehicle or vehicle component homologation to undertake the complete range of approval tests – ensuring their products are compliant. At our wide range of facilities, we offer customers the entire range of approval tests: from tests for EU directives, UN ECE whole and UN ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) part type approval certificates to technical reports for UN ECE approvals and tests conducted in accordance with national regulations.

DEKRA’s range of Automotive Homologation & Type Approval services includes:

  • Tests in accordance with the relevant EU/ECE regulations, DIN and ISO standards, interest groups (e.g. wireless or connectivity equipment manufacturer) or vehicle manufacturer requirements
  • DEKRA offers all requisite assessment and tests for the issue of EC or ECE type approvals for components and separate technical units
  • Support to determine technical and legal requirements for our customers’ target markets and to identify all required approvals
  • Training on safety issues and certification

We offer homologation/type approval and driving dynamics testing of motorcycles, cars, trucks, trailers, agricultural and forestry machines, self-driving work machines and trailer work machines, and system and parts suppliers. Our experts ensure that all our customers’ vehicles, chassis, driver assistant systems and other components meet the applicable and common regulations.

What do we test?

  • Vehicle type approval of the complete vehicle
  • Automotive lighting testing
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Installation of rear-view camera systems
  • Emission level testing
  • Electric vehicle and powertrain testing
  • Testing vehicle safety and driving dynamics
  • Quality level testing
  • Benchmarking

  • Safety belts
  • Child seats
  • Car lighting
  • Rear view systems (camera monitor systems)
  • Safety glazing
  • Tires

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