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Low-voltage testing

DEKRA Product Testing

Increase the reliability and safety of your electrical distribution networks?

Low-voltage testing

Safe installations for energy transmission and distribution

Are you a manufacturer of distribution enclosures and switchgear, an assembler of LV distribution equipment, a regulator or a wholesale energy consumer? Then you need a partner to help ensure the reliability and safety of electricity distribution. DEKRA's low-voltage specialists are at your disposal to provide the service you need.

DEKRA has in-house experts specialising in low-voltage switchgear. We help our customers evaluate the safety and reliability of every component in their electricity transmission and distribution networks. We base our work on standards such as EN/IEC 61439 (for switchgear) and EN/IEC 60947 or EN/IEC 60898 (for individual components). DEKRA helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and assemblers demonstrate that their products comply with national and international standards and safety regulations. Our type testing reports and certifications will ensure smooth market access worldwide.

Benefits of low-voltage testing

  • Improve the reliability and safety of your electrical distribution networks.
  • Mitigate the risk of costly or dangerous electrical failures.
  • Demonstrate that your products meet all national and international standards.

Focus on cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a key focus area at DEKRA, not least because electrical systems have become increasingly smart and (cloud) connected. For instance, smart distribution grids and industrial automation and control systems within your organisation. Exchanging data via cloud systems certainly offers many benefits to users. Yet security remains a crucially important aspect. You need to be confident that devices and systems are able to withstand penetration attempts. It is therefore vital to identify and mitigate potential risks.

DEKRA provides insight into these risks; we not only test software and hardware for cyber security but also organisations themselves. For components, systems and organisations that are part of a "critical infrastructure" (NIS2), we offer all testing and certification according to IEC62443 and other standards. A Gap Analysis shows the scope for improvement against the standard.

Our low-voltage testing

At DEKRA, our work covers not just the safety of low-voltage systems, but also in the rest of the electricity value chain. Our specialists can perform the required testing at various locations. For example, at one of our various laboratories around the world, at your own laboratory or at one of our associated third-party laboratories under our supervision. The following testing is available:

  • all tests from the EN/IEC 61439 standard for distribution boxes
  • all tests from the standards for switchgear, busbars and components, such as EN/IEC 60947 and EN/IEC 60898
  • RF and EMC testing
  • all possible tests of materials, temperature increase and ageing
  • IP and IK testing
  • cybersecurity testing and certification, including IEC 62443

Low-voltage testing by DEKRA

  • universally recognised certification

    DEKRA's test certifications and reports are universally recognised and accepted worldwide by grid operators, utility companies, end users, authorities and other stakeholders.

  • comprehensive knowledge of standards

    Our experts have a comprehensive knowledge of low-voltage standards, thanks in no small part to their active participation in consortia and standardisation bodies.

  • flexible testing options

    We offer testing options at our laboratories in Dubai, Hungary, Asia and the Netherlands. Or under our supervision at your own or a third-party laboratory.

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