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Tribology laboratory

In the DEKRA tribology lab, our experts are hard at work every day analysing oils and greases from lubricated systems. We use advanced equipment, technologies and methods to analyse the quality of greases and oils. Each year, our tribology lab analyses and tests tens of thousands of oil and grease samples. Based on these analyses, our experts can advise, for instance, on the service life of systems and lubricants of gearboxes and other appliances. DEKRA has experience in the field of fuel testing, chemical composition studies as well as the analysis of pollution and dust.

DEKRA's tribology services

Thanks to its own tribology laboratory, DEKRA can offer various tribological services for a wide range of applications and disciplines. Our key tribological services are:

  • Conditiebewaking van gesmeerde systemen

    Our experts monitor the condition of lubricated systems by periodically analysing oils and filters, implementing online measurement systems, making statistical analyses, and conducting modelling exercises at fleet level.

    More about condition monitoring >

  • Tribotechnological examination

    DEKRA carries out tribotechnological examinations. These include comprehensive failure studies, conservation studies and thorough lubrication Advisory & Training.

    More about tribotechnology >

  • Audit and quality assurance of lubricants

    DEKRA Rail's team of specialists can carry out audits within your organisation to examine the use and application of lubricants and to perform detailed analyses of the lubricants used. Based on the results, will be able to determine the replacement period for your greases and oils. We can also issue well-founded opinions on the quality of the lubricants. In this way, we can help you to ensure the quality of lubricants.

  • Lubricant analysis and performance testing

    By performing lubricant analysis and extensive, independent performance testing, our experts can determine the estimated remaining service life of lubricated systems. In this way, we can help you to establish optimal maintenance routines. You will be able to establish maintenance routines with greater accuracy, knowing exactly when to perform an overhaul – perhaps early than planned –or postpone an overhaul to a later date.

Areas of application of DEKRA's tribological services

Tribology at DEKRA Netherlands
Download our tribology infographic below

The tribological analyses, tests and systems can be put to use in the following areas of application and disciplines:

  • Transmission systems
  • Gearbox transmissions
  • Compressors
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Axle bearings
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Insulating oils (transformer oil)

Tribological analysis and testing capabilities

DEKRA uses general as well as unique tribological technologies and methods for the testing and analysis of grease and oil samples:

Analysis options

  • Viscosity (dynamic/kinematic)
  • XRF element analysis
  • FTIR infrared spectrometry
  • GC gas chromatography
  • Fuel dilution in engine oil
  • Determining water content
  • Determining the acid value
  • RULER: Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine
  • Wear and tear scan
  • Measuring ISO 4406 cleanliness
  • Determining consistency
  • Dropping point testing
  • Breakdown voltage testing
  • Measuring surface tension
  • Dissolved gas analysis (DGA)
  • Spot testing (engine oil dispersion performance)

Testing options

  • R2F DIN 51806
  • V2F DIN EN 14865-2
  • EMCOR DIN 51802/ ASTM D6138-03
  • Oil separation DIN 51817
  • Copper corrosion DIN 51811/ ASTM D 130
  • Roll stability ASTM D 1831
  • Water resistance (DIN 51807)
  • Two-disc machine
  • Rail tribometer
  • Specials (on request)

Would you like to know more about our tribological laboratory and the tests we perform?

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