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Automated and connected driving testing at DEKRA automotive

DEKRA Product Testing

How do we safely ensure next-level mobility with the latest innovations?

Automated and connected driving

Leading the way in safety tests for connected driving

At DEKRA we are defining new standards and strategies for the testing of both the latest and future mobility technologies. Discover how our specialists guide you with detailed tests and certifications for the latest connected cars and components.

The increased integration of wireless and network technologies is already enabling connectivity services in today’s generation of vehicles. Nowadays, many new cars come equipped with on-board diagnostics, cellular services such as eCall, and assistance agents. In the very near future, new connected car services and automation will increase comfort and safety even further, but this will also place additional demands on testing and certification.

Our expertise

testing smart cars with connected driving

At DEKRA, we play a key role in defining how automated and connected vehicles are kept safe and secure, both now and in the future. Our automotive heritage and track record in testing and verification, in both automotive and telecommunications, give our customers a competitive edge in a future where nothing on the road will work alone.

We offer a complete scope of laboratory testing, test area testing, field testing, certification services and market-based cybersecurity assessments to meet your testing and certification needs for the connected car, now and in the future. Key aspects we can help you with include wireless connections, interoperability, electromagnetic compatibility, cybersecurity and functional safety.

Our unique connected car test area in Málaga, Spain, replicates real-life operation and behavior. This includes real and simulated infrastructure elements and vehicles as well as replicas of elements that interact with devices during testing. It is the ideal environment for R&D testing, pre-testing and testing for certification. It is an important component of the international testing network for connected and automated driving, which DEKRA is establishing. Another part of this is the recently acquired Lausitzring racetrack in Germany, which is Europe's largest independent testing center for connected and automated driving.

Next to testing out in the field, where we simulate real environments, we test your products rigorously in our laboratory facilities.

  • Mobile technologies (e.g. GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA+, LTE)
  • Internet of Vehicles (IoV) technologies (e.g. eCall, IEEE 802.11p, ETSI ITS-G5, Mirrorlink, OMNIAIR-DSRC)
  • Wireless technologies (e.g. Airfuel, NFC, Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth®)
  • Regulatory testing (e.g. EMC/RF, OTA, SAR, reliability, batteries)

DEKRA offers field testing services to evaluate real-life scenarios with customized KPIs and root cause analysis. Our team of expert test engineers assess call performance, data performance, app performance, network performance and location-based services on worldwide test routes.

We offer you every type of certification you may need to market your connected car components, systems, and vehicles around the world:

  • Wireless technologies (Bluetooth SIG, ULE Alliance, Mirrorlink, NFC, WiFi, AllJoyn, LoRa, AirFuel, Sigfox)
  • Mobile technologies (PTCRB, GCF)
  • As a Notified and Certified Body (RED 2014/53/EU, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, TCB in USA, FCB in Canada, eCall)
  • International type approval services in roughly 200 countries

DEKRA's experts are ready to give you the best possible support in dealing with your cyber security challenges throughout the product life cycle through cyber security evaluations and certification according to the latest security requirements and standards.

As of April 2018, the European eCall accident emergency system will become mandatory in the European Union for all new models of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. This means that every new car sold within the EU must be fitted with a device that alerts emergency services in case of an accident. DEKRA was actively involved in the development and implementation of eCall. We offer recognized testing and type approval services for the full scope of eCall in-vehicle systems, technical units and components according to EU 2017/79.

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