Material and reliability testing
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Material and reliability testing

Analyzing responses to varied environmental conditions

DEKRA’s material and reliability tests help our customers to uncover any potential product defects during the product design phase, to verify the production quality during the production phase, reduce the possibility of customer returns, improve the overall product quality and enhance the value of the brand while safeguarding its reputation.

About material and reliability testing

DEKRA’s material and reliability testing specialists ensure that our customers’ products work properly, under a range of environmentally stressful conditions or challenging situations. Guaranteeing the high reliability of a product means the product has a very high probability of functioning correctly throughout its lifetime.
For example, a product might not be expressly designed to be emerged in water, yet the manufacture still has to ensure that the end user does not receive an electric shock if it is. Likewise, our experts also ensure that our customers’ products do not cause fires or cause any other hazards.
DEKRA’s material and reliability services are defined for product components, durability of functionalities, presence of hazardous substances, resistance to water, extreme temperatures, salt and other corrosive elements. Our experts help manufacturers to define the exact product specifications or technical data sheets, in addition to identifying all potential risks of products that may reduce the use and the life cycle and affect other final products that integrate with it.
DEKRA’s material and reliability testing services encompass: climatic environmental testing, dynamic environmental testing, industrial & outdoor environmental testing, and mechanical stress testing.
About our tests
Climatic environmental testing
Climatic environmental testing simulates different combinations of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. It includes temperature testing, temperature and humidity testing, thermal cycling/shock testing, and altitude (low air pressure) testing.
Dynamic environmental testing
Industrial & outdoor environmental testing
Mechanical stress testing