Occupational hygiene strategy
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What is necessary to be able to work healthily?

Advice from occupational hygienists

Advice on occupational hygiene for healthy employees

The workplace can entail risks with an impact on the health of employees. Consider, for example, hazardous substances, physical strain, poor air quality, noise, heat or cold. How do you protect your employees against these risks? DEKRA's occupational hygienists will help you with this. We offer you expert occupational hygiene advice and practice-oriented customized solutions for your organisation.

Occupational hygiene is the discipline of creating a healthy working environment. DEKRA's occupational hygienists assess the environmental factors that affect the health of your employees. We work closely with you and investigate the actual conditions at your location. This enables us to understand your specific challenges and offer you customized solutions. We are specialists in occupational hygiene in high-risk workplaces and where people and technology come together.
The benefits of advice on occupational hygiene
Working environment

You create a healthy, sustainable working environment.

Taking care of employees

You take care of protected, motivated and productive employees.

Support in occupational safety

You will receive support in complying with occupational safety regulations.

Employment practices

You demonstrate good employment practices.

The approach of our occupational hygienists

We are here to help you provide a healthy working environment for your employees. We do this in a number of ways:
  • We contribute ideas in the design of workplaces that promote good health.
  • We test legal limit values for factors such as noise, temperature, hazardous substances and lighting.
  • We evaluate the circumstances that affect employees’ health.
  • We optimize and evaluate the effectiveness of current protective measures.
  • We work on the prevention of occupational diseases.
  • We analyse and improve your work processes, procedures and organization.
  • We advise on working conditions in new construction projects or investments in new machines or installations.

DEKRA as your HSE partner

DEKRA is your HSE partner for a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment. Benefit from the expertise of our experienced, well-trained and practical advisors. We have many tools, including our own measuring equipment. With this, you receive accurate analyses of the occupational hygiene in your organization. We offer specialist, customized solutions for occupational health and safety challenges in various workplaces, so you can start implementing our advice straight away.