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Battery testing and certification

Laptops, telephones, remote controls, smoke detectors, watches, drills - these are just a few examples of the countless products that use batteries. The huge number of electrical and electronic products in circulation today make batteries indispensable. However, they can sometimes be dangerous as well. With this in mind, DEKRA tests and certifies batteries and battery applications, enabling you to guarantee that your batteries are safe and as environmentally-friendly as possible.

DEKRA has extensive battery-testing facilities in countries throughout the world and tests a wide range of batteries. E-mobile batteries, for example. The market for this type of battery has been growing rapidly in recent years, because of which our experts have gained a lot of experience with them. We focus on Global Market Access when testing and certifying batteries. In other words: inspecting them in line with requirements applicable in a number of countries. You can then sell your product in the countries of your choice.

One-stop shop certification

We want to offer our customers the best service possible, which is why we have been accredited for a large number of standards. They enable us to ensure that you are able to sell your batteries globally. DEKRA can help you attain the following certifications: 
  • IEC (CB) certification
  • UN transport certification  
  • E-mark (vehicle and battery homologation)  
  • CE mark 
  • ENEC
  • NRTL mark
  • DEKRA seal
  • DEKRA mark
  • Global market access marks
Besides electrical, mechanical and software safety, we also test batteries for various other aspects of battery safety. For example, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), performance, reliability, endurance, RoHS and cybersecurity. We test the product itself - for the danger of overheating, etc. – and also any (wireless) connections it has. This has a number of benefits, including the protection of electric charging stations against hackers (demonstrated by our cybersecurity seal).
Our extensive test facilities and partner network enable us to handle all kinds of electrical, mechanical, abuse and environmental test requests. Our experts always have an up-to-date knowledge of the very latest regulations and standards. This enables them to perform every type of test optimally and quality is guaranteed too.
DEKRA for battery testing and certification
Laboratories around the world

DEKRA has extensive battery testing labs in various locations around the world.

One-stop shop

DEKRA offers a one-stop shop for testing batteries and battery storage systems.

Choice of laboratory

You have the option of testing in a DEKRA laboratory or in your own laboratory.

Global Market Access

With DEKRA you will have easier access to global markets.

Partner labs

DEKRA has an extensive network of accredited partner labs which are available if necessary.

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