Apply ESG principles with the support of experts at DEKRA.
DEKRA Sustainability Services

DEKRA supports you in the implementation of ESG principles.

Environment, social & governance (ESG)

Act now and set up environmental protection, social standards and good corporate governance (ESG) guidelines that are becoming mandatory for a growing number of businesses.

ESG standards are becoming increasingly important – not just for regulatory reasons. They help institutions to stay on track and adopt measures to effectively reach environmental protection, foster strong social responsibility and embed governance compliance.

DEKRA experts support companies of all sizes and sectors to understand the importance of nurturing sustainable business. Such, you can adhere to transparent ESG principles as well as international standards.
There is a growing audience of consumers, investors, regulators, ESG rating agencies, and financial institutions eagerly observing your actions. Your company can earn recognition and reap the rewards. DEKRA helps you to implement environmental policies, reliable cybersecurity measures, a strong commitment to social responsibility, and proven regulatory compliance. Make sure to position your company as a winner in this game.

Holistically sustainable

Natural resources are finite. Rely on our experience to conserve them and realize a circular economy
The Social Enterprise Performance Ladder
The Social Enterprise Performance Ladder (SEPL) shows how your organisation is contributing to the achievement of a ‘social return’.
CSR Performance Ladder certificate
The CSR Performance Ladder provides insight into what you are doing in the area of sustainable business. Read here why DEKRA can provide this certification for you.
ISO 27001
DEKRA's ISO 27001 training helps you to understand the ISO 27001 standard.
ISO 14001 certification
ISO 14001 certification demonstrates sustainable environmental management and resource efficiency. Read more about the audit and the certification process.
Zijn de grondstoffen en materialen die uw organisatie gebruikt duurzaam? Dan is het behalen van een ISCC-certificaat een effectieve manier om dit aan te tonen.
CO2 Performance Ladder
CO2 Performance Ladder for sustainability. Show that sustainability is an important value for your organisation? Discover the various benefits.
Environmental advisor
Sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly important topics within organizations.
HSE Advice
Our HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) consultation can help you create healthy employees..
HSE assistance
DEKRA can help you with your HSE management and offer you HSE assistance.
HSE management support
Are you an HSE manager who needs extra support or wants to add to your HSE team at a strategic level? DEKRA can provide you with experienced safety experts.
HSE-coaching en HSE-support
DEKRA can provide you with HSE services in the form of extra supervision and coaching in the workplace, etc.