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Does your organization use raw materials in a sustainable manner?

ISCC certificate

Proving sustainability through International Sustainability & Carbon Certification 

Are the raw materials that your organization uses sustainable? And can they be fully traced? Obtaining an ISCC certificate (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is an effecive way of showing this. As an independent party, DEKRA audits whether the organization is eligible for the ISCC certificate, or other certificates in the field of sustainability. 

The ISCC is the standard for the sustainable and responsible production of biomass, biofuels and other renewable raw materials. Working in accordance with the ISCC standard helps companies to comply with strict social, environmental and quality standards. This in turn ensures there is a reduced negative impact on the environment. In order to obtain an ISCC certificate each link in the chain must meet the set requirements.

Advantages of the ISCC certificate  

An ISCC provides many advantages for companies that work in the biofuel, biomass and renewable raw materials sectors.
Competitive advantage

You reach customers who support socially responsible procurement. They only do business with organizations that have an ISCC or other sustainability certificate. 

CO2 reduction

You promote sustainability. After all, you reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, protect natural biospheres and promote the traceability of raw materials.

Branding sustainbility

It enhances your company image. An ISCC certificate shows that your organization strives for sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Global Market Access

Increasingly more countries and regions impose stricter requirements to sustainability and origin. An ISCC certificate makes it possible for companies to enter these markets.

Our working method

In order to receive an ISCC certificate your organization must meet the relevant requirements of the scope. The scope is determined on the basis of your organization’s activities. Using a checklist and implementation documents you can see whether you meet the requirements of the scope. This is then assessed by DEKRA. If you meet the requirements, you receive the certificate. In order to retain the certificate, DEKRA carries out an annual inspection.

Why DEKRA for ISCC certification?

DEKRA will be pleased to carry out the ISCC certification for you. Our years of experience and expertise ensure that we know precisely which requirements your production chain has to meet. We provide high-quality services and are happy to advise you should you not immediately meet all the requirements. DEKRA is an independent global party.

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