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Are your LED lighting products future-proof?

Zhaga certification

Future proof LED lighting

Zhaga is a global consortium of companies from the international lighting industry. Its overall aim is to develop interface specifications that allow LED light sources from different suppliers to be used interchangeably, without changing the luminaire design. In turn, this will speed up the adoption of LEDs for general lighting.

DEKRA is a fully authorized test center for Zhaga specifications. We support the industry with relevant testing and certification according to all Zhaga standards. Our experts participate in the Zhaga standardization committee. With up to date knowledge and vast experience in testing and certification, DEKRA is your partner for Zhaga certification.

Proof of interoperability

Zhaga creates specifications for electrical, mechanical, optical, thermal, and communication interfaces for the interoperable components used in LED luminaires. Depending on the luminaire manufacturer’s design choices, these interoperable components allow for upgrading and servicing LED luminaires. The Zhaga logo proves the certification of interoperable components and provides an easy means to identify components that can be upgraded and serviced.
In some cases other standards also apply, like for example the DALI standards. DEKRA is a fully authorized test center for this standard as well, making us the convenient one stop shop for all your Zhaga-D4i certification.
Zhaga, or Zhaga-D4i certification, is applicable to:
  • IoT ready luminaires;
  • sensors and nodes;
  • interchangeable LED light source;
  • and standardized components of LED luminaires.

Zhaga benefits the Lighting Industry

The Zhaga interface specifications offer a number of benefits for different user groups within the lighting industry.
Luminaire OEM’s
  • Improved supply chain
  • Easier procurement
  • Broad portfolio without high development costs
  • Cost saving in production
  • Reduced development costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Future proofing
  • Reduced risk and future proofing
  • Easier upgrades
  • Easier procurement
  • Unprecedented flexibility
Component OEM’s
  • Lower R&D costs
  • Higher volumes
  • Prolonged demand

Zhaga for sustainable use of LED lighting

The ability to service LED luminaires encourages more resource-efficient business models that meet circularity requirements, including legislation, and drive market growth. The ability to upgrade LED luminaires after installation is of great benefit to end customers. Their luminaires are future proofed to embrace upcoming innovations in the lighting industry, including digital innovations that go beyond lighting.

Connected lighting and IoT

Zhaga creates new opportunities for the lighting value chain, including innovations that go beyond lighting. In addition to their primary lighting task, LED luminaires are becoming increasingly smart and connected to Internet of Things (IoT) networks. With regard to these developments, Zhaga created the standards to make “plug and play” IoT ready luminaires a feasible concept. With book 18 and 20 that have been adapted in the recent years, the industry has been stimulated to create more flexible and upgradeable lighting fixtures. A growing number of sensors and nodes will add to the usability of this ecosystem of IoT ready luminaires.

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