SERMI certification

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SERMI certification

One certificate to access security software in the automotive industry

Do you supply products that are designed to prevent the theft of cars and camper vans? For example, keys, ignition locks or door locks. Or do you need access to vehicle ECUs? If so, you will soon be expected to have a SERMI certificate (SERMI stands for Security Related Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information). This certificate replaces separate accesses to security software of all car brands. At DEKRA Audit you will soon be able to easily arrange your certificate for SERMI. Would you like to stay informed of developments? Then leave your contact details.

Who will need a SERMI certificate?

Any party that works on or with vehicle security information will need a SERMI certificate. It is a personal certificate and can be issued to a number of parties, including:
  • car dealers
  • independent repair operators
  • bodyshops

Why a SERMI certificate?

The SERMI certificate will be the only way to gain and maintain access to security software of cars. Ultimately, the SERMI certificate will save you time and money. Without this master certificate, you would have to separately request and pay each vehicle manufacturer for access to its software. It was this situation that prompted the European Union to ask vehicle manufacturers and independent garages to replace the separate ‘certificates’ with just one certificate.

From which date will a SERMI certificate be required?

Soon, only parties with a SERMI certificate will have ongoing access to vehicle security software. Separate digital certificates will then no longer be accepted. Make sure you request a SERMI certificate well in advance to avoid any delays. The final date will be announced later.

How do you obtain the SERMI certificate?

Soon you will be able to easily obtain a certificate for SERMI via DEKRA. You can prepare by collecting a number of documents:
  • a copy of an extract from the chamber of commerce
  • an overview of the employee(s) to be authorised
  • a certificate of conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag; VoG) on the sections 2.4b: 11, 12, 13, 41 and 61 for the Legal Entity (RP) and the employee(s) who qualify for a SERMI certification
  • a liability insurance
  • a declaration stating that you do not carry out any activities involving the modification of vehicle emissions
Other points to keep note of when preparing your application:
  • The educational requirements of employees in the Netherlands; more than 2 years of experience as a car mechanic or in possession of diploma Autotechnician level 2.
  • Take note of the SERMI criteria and prepare a statement in accordance with points 7 and 9 of section 6.3.5 from the SERMI scheme.
Have you received the SERMI certificate? The certificate will be valid for five years. DEKRA will carry out at least one unannounced audit on you during this time.

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