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ISO 9001 certification

Optimize your quality processes with an ISO 9001 audit

An ISO 9001 audit shows whether or not your processes and services are of a high quality. Then, if you attain ISO 9001 certification, the standard challenges you to continually improve. When carrying out an ISO 9001 audit for your organisation, DEKRA’s experts focus on your organisation's specific quality processes. This ensures that your ISO 9001 certification is tailored specifically to your organisation.

The ISO 9001 audit procedure

People Based Auditing

Various certification bodies conduct ISO-9001 audits. What makes DEKRA unique? Our audit process always considers the human factor because experience has taught us how vital people are to the implementation of processes, systems and working methods. We call our approach People Based Auditing. A method that has been highly appreciated by our certificate holders for many years. It is now a standard part within audits where employee behaviour and awareness play a role, as is the case with ISO 9001 certification.
In this way, we work with you to go one step further than the standard requires. You find out whether your organisational culture is aligned to the processes required. Human behaviour is the determining factor for success and People Based Auditing gives you an insight into this factor. This will make the quality management system come to life (even more) within your organisation and among your employees.

People Based Auditing in practice

For you and your organisation, ISO-9001 certification with our unique People Based Auditing method means that: 
  • our auditors take the time to learn about your organisation, your specific needs and requirements;
  • you will have a single point of contact throughout the entire process;
  • we will prepare you for the certification process as much as possible;
  • there will be greater awareness of the service quality.
ISO 9001 certification in 7 steps
1. Introduction meeting (optional)
We are happy to visit you or contact you via Teams or telephone. In the meeting, we discuss the ISO 9001 certification process. Your organisation will then start to prepare for the ISO 9001 audit by carrying out an internal audit on the effectiveness of your processes.
2. On-site audit
Our auditors will carry out an audit on-site (at your organisation) to assess and review the effectiveness of your processes and see whether they are implemented as described in your organisation's quality management system. If the audit reveals any differences, your corrective actions may be reviewed.
3. ISO 9001 audit report and evaluation
Our auditors will share the results of the audit with you in the form of an audit report.
4. ISO 9001 certification and DEKRA Seal
If you pass the audit, you will receive your ISO 9001 certification, valid for three years.
5. First follow-up audit
Within one year of the first audit, we will carry out a follow-up audit to see whether your quality system is still in compliance with the standard.
6. Second follow-up audit
Approximately one year after the first follow-up audit, we will carry out a second follow-up audit to check again whether your quality system is still in compliance with the standard.
7. Recertification
Three years after you obtain ISO 9001 certification, we will schedule a recertification audit. If the audit outcome is positive, we will extend your certification for another three years. You will then have a follow-up audit every year.
DEKRA's expertise
Experience & knowledge

You can rely on DEKRA to help you with all your audit and certification needs. Our auditors have many years of experience in the certification of management systems.

Distinguish from competitors

Stand out from your competitors and strengthen your market strategies with successful certification, represented by our recognized DEKRA seal of approval.

Maximise benefits

Globally, we are authorised to issue more than 200 types of accreditation and our services can be combined to maximise the benefits for you.

Risk management and ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 is an international standard that demonstrates that the QMSs in your organisation meet specific requirements. One of the most important characteristics of ISO 9001 is its risk-based approach. You will recognise opportunities and risks, identify appropriate risk control measures and then evaluate their effectiveness. This optimises your QMSs and the corresponding processes, regardless of the size of your organisation, its focus or the sector or industry in which it operates. Learn more about the benefits of a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001​.

Standard with High Level Structure

The ISO-9001 superordinate High Level Structure (HLS) makes ISO 9001 compatible with other ISO management system standards like ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 . ISO 9001 also paves the way for economic, market-oriented, sustainable and user-friendly operating procedures.

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ISO 9001 certification FAQs

What is ISO 9001?
ISO 9001 was introduced in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and has since become an internationally recognized standard for quality management. The current ISO 9001:2015 was published on September 23. The standard defines the requirements for a quality management system.
What are the objectives of a quality management system according to ISO 9001?
What changes were introduced with ISO 9001:2015?
What is the High Level Structure of ISO 9001?
What are the costs of an ISO 9001 certification?