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As a contractor, how do you demonstrate workplace safety?

VCA company certificate

For safety, health and the environment

VCA is the Dutch acronym for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. Growing numbers of clients are requiring that as a contractor, you can demonstrate that you work safely. Employees must be aware of the risks associated with their work, and must show that they are doing everything possible to prevent accidents and damage. A VCA certificate is independent proof that your organization meets all the safety requirements relating to your contract, and that it complies with the most important environmental and health and safety regulations.

A VCA for every company

There are various VCA certificates, the difference being in the number of criteria with which an organization must comply. VCA* is suitable for subcontractors, VCA** is suitable for main contractors and VCA-P is specific to the petrochemical industry.

Types of VCA certificates

    VCA with one star is a limited certification of high-risk work. Contractors are VCA certified if they pass the limited number of criteria for this checklist.
    DEKRA can provide your company with VCA*, VCA** and VCA-P. We have many years of experience as an independent certification body. Our auditors are familiar with the practices, and also consider the implementation and assurance of VCA within your organization. Our regular audits will ensure you are extra alert to possible risks.

    How to report an accident?

    MD 22:2019 (section G 8.5.3) stipulates that VCA certified clients must notify the certification body of the occurrence of a serious incident or a violation of occupational health and safety laws and regulations.
    In all instances, a report can be made by contacting DEKRA Audit Nederland. Send an email to audit​.nl@​dekra​.com or complete the 'report an accident' form .