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BRL 6000 certificate


Do your installations meet the legal requirements within the installation sector?

BRL 6000 quality mark

Proof of craftsmanship

BRL 6000 quality standard

A safe building is built on craftsmanship: contractors and installers who know what they’re doing. But how do you show your craftsmanship if many of your installations are actually positioned out of sight? The BRL 6000 quality mark is proof that you have all the knowledge and skills in-house to design, supply, place and maintain installations according to the guidelines of the ‘Bouwbesluit’ building regulations and other laws and regulations.

Show what you’re good at

BRL 6000 consists of a general part with which every certified installation company must comply, and more than 20 special parts, for various professional disciplines. Such a special part applies to electrical installations, gas-technical installations, tap water installations or soil energy systems (BES) for example. Alongside general certification, you can therefore obtain specific certification for all the disciplines in which you operate. Moreover, you can opt for design, installation or maintenance, or a combination of these activities. Finally, a distinction is made between the size of the installations and the phase of the building process in which you operate. This means that with your BRL 6000 certificate, you can show exactly what you’re good at.

DEKRA makes expertise visible

At DEKRA we help you make your professionalism and competence as an installer visible. For BRL 6000 certification we do this mainly by checking the end product: the delivered system or installation. We pay attention to quality, safety and durability, and test them against high standards, such as a healthy indoor climate. This means we build trust in the construction sector together.

DEKRA BRL 6000 audit

The BRL 6000 quality mark includes:

  • design, installation and management of installations;
  • electrical installations;
  • gas installations;
  • tap water installations;
  • Soil Energy System, in dutch called Bodem Energie Systeem (BES).

Why certify by DEKRA?

At DEKRA we can not only provide the BRL 6000 certification for you. We also guide you during the journey here. We combine a personal approach with our detailed knowledge of the standards and legal requirements that your installation must meet. Our auditors are experienced, understand their profession and speak the language of your company. We provide high-quality service, sit on various standards committees and can offer you multiple product and/or system services at the same time. For you, this means that you can enter a single or multiple certification process in an efficient and cost-conscious manner.

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