NEN 7510 certification
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Can your patients trust that their personal data will be handled responsibly and securely?

NEN 7510 certification

Information security in healthcare

In a healthcare facility, the need for information security is often even greater than elsewhere. Your patients and clients trust you to handle their personal data in the strictest confidence. This is why Dutch legislation insists that healthcare institutions must be able to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of NEN 7510. This is the Dutch norm for information security in healthcare, based on the international standard ISO 27001.

Working safely and with integrity with the NEN 7510 certification

Working in accordance with the NEN 7510 standard goes beyond the design of your ICT systems. It looks at all forms of information processing in the organization, with considerable emphasis on human operations. How responsibly do you and your employees handle confidential data? You can demonstrate that you deal with this correctly through certification against NEN 7510.

Our working method

During the certification process the auditors consider the requirements and measures. But they also consider the day-to-day operations and whether the information security system works as intended. With DEKRA you opt for a process-oriented audit​. We help you to live up to the trust people place in you, day after day.
Read more here about our certification method or download the leaflet below:
Facts about NEN 7510
Accredited for NEN 7510

Since May 2017 we have been accredited for NEN 7510 by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). This means that the RvA has confirmed that we conduct our audits independently and with competent auditors.

NEN 7510 available for free

The standard NEN 7510 is available free of charge. Due to a collaboration between NEN and the ministry, this standard can be downloaded free of charge on the website:

More than 20 years of experience

DEKRA has been working on audits in healthcare since 1995. In more than 20 years we have provided certification processes, such as HKZ certifications and other services, for thousands of organizations.

NEN 7510-1

Since July 2021, DEKRA has been accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) for NEN 7510-1. For both the cluster healthcare institutions and the cluster managers of personal health information other than healthcare institutions. NEN 7510-1 is a standard that covers the requirements for information security in the Dutch healthcare sector. The NEN 7510 is specially developed for healthcare institutions and administrators to take appropriate business measures to ensure the security of personal health information.