Fire Alarm Installations Regulations
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Does your company provide reliable, high-quality fire alarm systems?

Fire Alarm Installations Certificate

Guaranteed fire protection

Do you want to offer guaranteed fire safety to new and existing customers? DEKRA helps you to demonstrate the quality of your fire alarm systems with the Fire Alarm Installations Certificate.

A fire alarm system has little point if it’s not installed professionally. With the Fire Alarm Installations Certificate, you show that you supply, install, and maintain high-quality fire alarm systems. You also show your full awareness of the municipal laws and regulations. You work based on knowledge and experience, and install fire alarm systems in accordance with the previously-agreed requirements (including those of the fire department and insurance company).

What companies do we certify?

  • Fire alarm installation company for the supply of fire alarm systems
  • Fire alarm installation company for installing fire alarm systems
  • Fire alarm maintenance company for maintenance of fire alarm systems

Advantages of the fire alarm systems certification

  • You demonstrate that you deliver, install, and maintain high-quality fire alarm systems;
  • You show that you are well-informed about municipal laws and regulations;
  • With the Fire Alarm Systems Certification, you display safety at a glance.
Why certify by DEKRA?
We take care of the certification process and guide you during the preliminary phase. Working with DEKRA means you opt for a high-quality service. We make sure you work together with one project team and you have a fixed point of contact. Our auditors are part of standards committees and have extensive knowledge of legislation and regulations. At DEKRA we can also offer several product and/or system services at the same time, such as the combination with CCV Evacuation Alarm Systems. This allows you to work more efficiently and save costs. Our professional auditors can be of service in a variety of

Supplying, installing and maintaining

The supply (and design), installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems are three different disciplines, thus covered by different NEN standards. NEN 2535, NEN 2555, NEN 2575, NEN-EN 54 and NEN-EN 12845 apply to the installation. NEN 2654 and NEN-EN 12845 apply to the maintenance of fire safety installations. DEKRA is authorized to certify in accordance with all these standards, while of course also being able to help you during the preliminary stages. DEKRA can also offer multiple product and/or system services simultaneously, such as the combination with CCV evacuation alarm systems. This lets you work more efficiently and save costs. Our expert auditors take as many concerns as possible out of your hands.
Experienced Market Leader

Our experts have years of experience in information security and management system certification. DEKRA operates in more than 60 countries, and our certificates are recognized worldwide.

Experience & Knowledge

Audits and certifications are in good hands with DEKRA. Our auditors have many years of experience in certifying management systems.

Maximum Benefits

Our portfolio includes more than 200 accreditations that we are authorized to conduct globally, and our services can be combined to offer maximum benefits.

Personal Approach

We combine a personal approach with detailed knowledge of standards and legal requirements.

Efficient and Cost-Conscious

With DEKRA, you enter a certification process that is efficient and cost-conscious. We can have the same auditor conduct multiple combined schemes.


DEKRA was founded in 1925 to ensure road safety through vehicle inspections. Today, DEKRA is the world’s largest independent, unlisted expert organization in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification sector. As a global provider of comprehensive services and solutions, we help our customers improve their safety, security, and sustainability.