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Do you want to demonstrates the quality level of your healthcare services?

HKZ certification

Make good care demonstrable

Due to cutbacks, administrative burdens, transitions and changing regulations, the healthcare sector is constantly changing. In this dynamic landscape, an HKZ certification shows that you put the quality of your services on the first place.

HKZ (Harmonization Quality Assessment in the Health Sector) offers the necessary structure to continue focusing on quality within your organization in times of change. DEKRA has an agreement with the Dutch standardization institute NEN for HKZ, and is recognized by the Accreditation Council for certification against HKZ standards. We work with you to examine which HKZ standards are applicable to your organization and whether the processes are designed adequately to meet them. Our assessment is efficient and practice-oriented: involving both managers and employees in the audit lets us clearly map out what does and does not work, and where adjustments would be desirable.
Broad portfolio of HKZ certificates

DEKRA is accredited for certifying many HKZ standards.

Experts in healthcare standards

We only deploys auditors who have extensive experience in the healthcare sector.

Decades of experience

We have been active in the healthcare sector since 1996.

To which organizations does the HKZ standard apply?

    One HKZ standard for the entire care and welfare sector

    The HKZ standard for Care and Welfare is a general quality management standard and is thus suitable for all types of organizations in the care and welfare sector. The changes in the Long-Term Care Act (Wlz) and the Social Support Act (Wmo) could have caused your care provision to change. The HKZ standard for Care and Welfare lets you demonstrate that your quality is still in order.

    Learn and improve

    The HKZ Healthcare and Welfare certification scheme clearly identifies any risks at the organizational and process level. This lets you identify areas for improvement quickly, rather than spending time on huge quality manuals and plans. The standard is based on the philosophy of ISO 9001, but adapted to the healthcare sector. For example, the requirements are aligned fully with current themes such as client control, collaboration with internal and external chain partners, and shared decision-making. Many clients, such as insurance companies and the government, make the HKZ certificate mandatory. But this quality test is intended mainly as a motivation towards continuous learning and improvement, which is to the benefit of every organization!

    People Based Auditing at HKZ Zorg en Welzijn

    In our audit process we always pay attention to the human factor. They determine how they implement the processes, systems and working methods. We call our working method People Based Auditing, a standard added value to our audits for HKZ Zorg en Welzijn. Read more about People Based Auditing here​.
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