People based auditing
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People Based Auditing

The human dimension as a factor for success

To DEKRA, an audit is more than testing standards. It is always about people, because they determine how they give substance to the processes, systems and working methods. That is why we have been auditing for years with a focus on the human side. We call this People Based Auditing. We offer this as standard, as added value for audits where people play a role. It is a standard part of our report for ISO certifications and for certification against HKZ Zorg en Welzijn.

With a People Based Audit you know whether your organizational culture really matches the desired processes. Human behavior is the determining factor for success. And a People Based Audit gives you insight into this factor. This allows you to better implement standards and make the management system more alive within your organization.

Six Pillars of People Based Auditing

We measure awareness and behavior within your organization on the basis of six pillars: cooperation, commitment, exemplary behaviour, awareness of opportunities and risks, awareness tasks, authorities and responsibilities, and finally knowing the 'why' of established processes and desired behaviour. The findings are fed back at the end of the audit, so that your organization knows what is going well and where improvement may be needed.

People Based Auditing in ISO certifications

For certain certifications, we have included People Based Auditing as standard in our reports:
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