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Quality mark pentesting

DEKRA Audit Netherlands

Does your organization meet the quality requirements for performing reliable penetration tests?

Quality mark pentesting

CCV certification: The tester gets tested

How do you convince customers that they are dealing with a professional and high-quality cybersecurity organization? DEKRA assesses organizations according to the CCV Certification Scheme so that you are eligible for the CCV Pentesting quality mark.

What is a pen test

What is a pentest?

A penetration test or pen test exposes the weaknesses of digital systems, so that organizations can take timely measures against cybercrime. Fortunately, most companies are smart enough to check whether the IT specialists they have to carry out this test are reliable themselves. With the quality mark pentesting you demonstrate that your organization works professionally and safely. In order to obtain this quality mark, you must, among other things, show that you have qualified employees and that you carry out the test in a professional manner. The audit is repeated annually to see whether you still meet all the requirements.

Did you know that you can also combine the pentesting quality mark with the ISO 27001 and/or ISO 9001 audits performed by DEKRA?

Quality mark pentesting: The benefits for you as a cybersecurity service provider

With the CCV pentesting quality mark you show your customers that they are dealing with a professional cybersecurity organization.

The quality mark reduces the chance of failure and risk costs for buyers that can occur if the alleged quality of the pen test is not present.

With the CCV quality mark pentesten you have an advantage over your competitor.

Quality mark pentesting

Temporary offer: free baseline measurement for pentesting

Take advantage of DEKRA's offer for a free baseline measurement. In preparation for the initial audit, DEKRA offers a baseline measurement free of charge. During this baseline measurement you can meet the auditor and the auditor explains the certification process. This way you will be well prepared for the audit!

Use the form below to request a quote for the free baseline measurement and a Pentesten quality mark certification.

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