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Process certification in the rail sector

Safe working methods that meet the requirements

Do you want to show that your processes meet the applicable requirements? Then you need a process certificate. In order to receive this certificate, an independent certification body carries out the process certification. DEKRA provides process certification, including for the rail sector. We arrange the entire process from audit to certificate.

We check whether the process meets the requirements set down in legislation, standards and/or quality marks. If a process works as described in the assessment framework you receive the process certificate. DEKRA Rail provides several variants of process certification for the rail sector. Below you can see which process certificates for the rail sector you can obtain from us.
  • Safety processes, which we test as:
    • Assessment Body (AsBo)
    • Independent Safety Assessor (ISA)
  • Quality management systems, specifically Technical Specifications for Interoperability Quality Management System (TSI-QMS), which we test as: 
    • Notified Body (NoBo)

Objective process assessment

When assessing a process, our experts use standards established by law as well as those set down by the NS (Dutch Railways) and ProRail. Based on this assessment framework, we test whether the relevant employees have sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out the process correctly. On the basis of their findings, the experts form an independent and objective opinion. After a positive assessment, you receive the process certificate. This shows that the process proceeds in accordance with the requirements of this specific process.

The advantages of DEKRA Rail

  • qualified body
  • more than 110 years’ experience in assessing processes
  • expertise in the rail sector
  • quality focused
  • objective
  • multidisciplinary
  • assessment on location possible 
  • knowledge of all existing process requirements in the Dutch rail sector

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