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Would you like independent support to address your certification and inspection issues?

Support from network partners

Independent support

Good preparation is essential for certification. Help from an experienced, external partner can be very valuable. As an independent certification body, DEKRA tests your systems and processes. Because DEKRA is a certifying institution, we are happy to put you in touch with an independent, expert partner through our external, professional network. Our DEKRA network partners support you with your certification and inspection issues. These partners offer their services completely independently of DEKRA.

Knowledge exchange

Sharing knowledge is essential within our partner network. That means the knowledge of the network partners is always up-to-date. You are assured of reliable, honest and independent support. DEKRA also stays abreast of all market developments via our network, letting us share our thoughts with our customers even better.

How do we get to work?

If you have a question, we offer you several options for partners who can help you. You will find a complete listing at the bottom of this page. Our network partners are selected in accordance with DEKRA’s quality requirements. Approved partners sign a license agreement with DEKRA and can be recognized by the DEKRA Seal. DEKRA organizes a network meeting for all its existing and potential network partners every year.


DEKRA is an accredited organization. Accreditation requirements mean that DEKRA is not permitted to recommend specific partners, including those listed on our website. We recommend that you undertake your own selection process to find the partner matching your organization’s issues. The list provided by DEKRA is solely a tool.

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