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Learn more about the transition of KEMA-KEUR to DEKRA Mark.

Introducing DEKRA Mark

Everything you need to know about KEMA-KEUR’s successor: DEKRA Mark

After being recognised by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA), DEKRA Mark has evolved into an established certification mark with a global reach. Our DEKRA Mark for electronic products replaces the previous KEMA-KEUR. It covers the same bases as its predecessor while giving you even more benefits. As a result, your DEKRA Mark-certified products comply with internationally accepted standards and regulations and benefit from easy access to global markets.

To truly grasp KEMA-KEUR’s transition to DEKRA Mark , you need to go back to the very beginning.
The history of KEMA-KEUR
KEMA-KEUR was established in the 1930s as a symbol for safety and quality and has evolved considerably over the years.
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Request DEKRA Mark

Anyone in possession of a valid KEMA-KEUR certificate can request a DEKRA MARK certificate e. During the transition period, DEKRA will issue these certificates alongside the existing KEMA-KEUR certificates. In order to effectively manage updates to product markings and documentation, DEKRA intends to phase out KEMA-KEUR certificates under individual agreements with manufacturers.
If you don’t yet have a KEMA-KEUR or DEKRA Mark certification, we strongly advise you to initiate your request as soon as possible. Our experts are working to tight deadlines to meet the high demand for DEKRA Mark certification for new electronic products as well as recertification requests for existing products (with the old KEMA-KEUR).


In the past, KEMA-KEUR has been one of the most well-known product certification marks. Although this mark has many of the same features as DEKRA Mark - both cover the same technical requirements and processes - DEKRA Mark offers extra benefits. Download our brochures to learn more about the added value of DEKRA Mark.

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Want to know more about the transition of KEMA-KEUR to DEKRA Mark?