Ensuring safety, security and sustainability in the e-mobility and energy transition

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For more than 95 years, DEKRA has been at the forefront of global automotive innovation, including more than a decade of experience in e-mobility testing. From testing and certification, to training and consulting, DEKRA offers a range of services to improve the safety and security of electric mobility. Explore the resources below to learn why we are the trusted partner for the future of mobility.

Your Partner for EV Testing and Certification
Ensuring the safety, reliability, and interoperability of electrical vehicles, batteries, and charging infrastructure is a global focus for DEKRA. Our services include:
  • EV market access
  • EV conformance testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Cybersecurity for EV charging stations
  • Bidirectional charging
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) testing

Charging infrastructure testing & certification

The e-mobility landscape contains a wide variety of electric vehicles and charging stations. This diversity can complicate the process of ensuring smooth communication between vehicles, charging stations, charge point operators, and the power grid.
One-stop shop for e-mobility solutions

The e-mobility value chain is about more than just the vehicle. DEKRA’s testing and certification services range from charging station infrastructure to individual battery cells, and from cables to inverters. We are a true one-stop shop for your e-mobility testing needs.

Reliable partner in ISO and IEC

With a proven track record in testing and certification for electrical and mechanical safety since 1927, and a unique position in the automotive industry since 1925, DEKRA is the ideal partner for companies involved in any aspect of electric vehicles.

Worldwide e-mobility test network

The DEKRA network comprises technical laboratories and testing facilities for connected, automated and electric driving in more than 50 countries around the world. This ensures we can optimally help manufacturers and suppliers to comply with the latest e-mobility requirements in order to gain access to international markets.