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Gain insight into the health and safety risks within your organization

Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RI&E)

Insight into safety risks during work

How do you protect people against health damage and accidents during their work? Identifying risks is the first step. Carry out a Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RI&E in Dutch) together with DEKRA's independent certified senior safety experts and occupational hygienists. This gives you insight into the existing safety risks of the various activities in your organization. Or have the RI&E assessed by DEKRA. We are legally authorized to carry out the assessment. These insights provide a good basis for practical improvements and allow you to monitor and improve the safety and health of your employees at work.

The benefits of an RI&E

An RI&E offers your organization several advantages: 
  • You gain insight into occupational health and safety risks and hazards within your organization. You have valuable input for effective and efficient hazard control measures. 
  • You can set up business processes more securely.  
  • You increase safety awareness of the employees in your organization. 
  • You meet legal requirements. 
  • You show good employment practices.

Our approach to improve occupational safety

We optimize the management of occupational safety through our expertise on occupational safety. The starting point of our RI&E is always your question and the specific circumstances in your organization, for example: 
  • safe use of work equipment 
  • dealing with hazardous substances and products 
  • management of fire and explosion hazards 
  • controlling exposure to noise and vibration 
  • ergonomics in the workplace 
  • safety culture 
  • working safely under complex circumstances 
  • psychosocial workload (PSW)
The RI&E is the basis for further action. You always adapt this document to new insights. We are happy to help you draw up a plan of action.

RI&E testing

Our certified core experts provide independent RI&E testing. The expert assesses whether the RI&E is up-to-date, complete and reliable. An action plan is part of the RI&E and is therefore also assessed. The core expert tests by viewing the documents, speaking with the RI&E implementers and by visiting the company. This way, you are able to create practical and effective risk management measures and safety assurance.
The safety experts at DEKRA are happy to get to work for you. Do you have questions about how we perform an RI&E? Then please contact us.