Dialight LED lighting specialist

"Timely testing is key"

Dialight, a global leader in industrial LED technology, requires many different approvals for the LED lighting products they provide to their customers. Dialight entrusted DEKRA to support their testing and certification needs for some recent high profile product launches in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Dialight's complete line of LED lighting fixtures are designed to work in particularly harsh environments, such as hazardous locations and in heavy industrial applications. In a highly competitive market, these products must meet extensive performance requirements across the globe.
As with smart phones, lighting products are developing quickly with, for example, network lighting controls, building automation, and wireless management systems. Across the industrial sector product requirements are slowly becoming increasingly complex.

Current challenges

Fetterly: "One of our most important challenges as an industrial LED lighting company is to get our products certified for and marketed to multiple regions. Taking all the different product requirements and national variations into account can be really demanding." Fetterly adds that, even though there is some harmonization between different standards, the amount of variations can be overwhelming, since it is hard to map all the required information.
For Dialight, getting up to speed with what is required when exporting to, for example, Australia or Europe, is highly important.


Dialight has developed lighting products based on a design philosophy of supporting global requirements. Their approach is scalable and based on common platforms. With a strong presence in Europe, they were already familiar with some of the big names in testing, inspection, and certification.
They decided to approach DEKRA because of DEKRA's global reach and knowledgeable experts. They also had some previous good experience with the company for performance testing.
Currently, safety tests at DEKRA for various LED lighting products are ongoing. Fetterly adds: "We have some very valuable product lines that need to go to market as soon as possible. So testing on time is extremely important. What is valuable is that DEKRA works to make sure that the testing and certification process is timed the right way.
Our experience with DEKRA in testing to multiple standards, including both safety and performance, has been extremely positive. They have been very easy to work with and the work was handled professionally and in a timely manner. We were very impressed with the knowledge of the DEKRA staff.”

About Dialight

Dialight is the world leader in LED industrial lighting technology with over 1 million LED fixtures installed worldwide. Dialight has revolutionized the use of LEDs and ONLY LEDs, to provide superior lighting for traffic control, indicators, structural towers and industrial work sites around the world. Our purpose is to improve the world we live in through sustainable, energy efficient and intelligent LED lighting technologies. We enable industrial customers operating in demanding environments to reduce their energy costs, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint while maximizing the safety and productivity of their facilities.