Putting batteries through their paces

CLEANTRON, specialized in the design and engineering of high quality lithium-ion battery packs, comes to DEKRA for a full range of battery safety and performance tests according to the required standards.

In today's age of connectivity and cordless operation, batteries have become an indispensable element in nearly every electronic device or machine. They are incorporated in, amongst others, a wide variety of consumer appliances as well as power tools and light electrical vehicles. As a manufacturer of cells and battery packs you need to be sure that your products are safe and reliable and that they meet the required technical specifications.

CLEANTRON's battery packs

CLEANTRON, producer of clean tech battery packs based on lithium chemistries, looks to DEKRA for a full range of battery safety and performance tests according to the required standards. The company's battery packs are used in high tech mobility products, such as electric scooters, drones and electric tricycles. The majority of its products are exported to Germany.
“We have a strong commitment to quality. Our fully automated production facility in the Netherlands really sets us apart from our competitors, who may not always be as precise when it comes to testing", explains Maurice van Giezen, co-founder and Director at CLEANTRON. "Lithium battery packs are complex and potentially hazardous. So safety is a top priority for us.”
CLEANTRON's test engineers worked closely with DEKRA's experts in putting their battery pack prototypes to the test with some of the most extreme testing imaginable: exposure to very high and very low temperatures, short circuit tests, forces of up to 8 g, vibration testing and drop testing. "We often attend the testing process ourselves to learn from the findings so we can make our products even better. We benefited greatly from DEKRA’s testing as we worked on specific problems and solutions in the development phase,” Van Giezen adds.

DEKRA tests your batteries

DEKRA carries out a full range of safety and performance tests to IEC, EN and UN standards, covering anything from small primary batteries to large Li-ion packs, either in-house in the DEKRA battery testing facilities in China or Europe or through its partner network. In addition to testing performance and testing for mechanical and electrical abuse, DEKRA also performs environmental testing. This includes an assessment of how a battery is affected by the shocks, vibration, temperature and changes which it can encounter during transportation so that battery packs comply with UN 38.3 (battery transportation safety requirements).