Meet Caffitaly, global coffee manufacturer

Selling unity in taste around the world

It started out as a small coffee business in the little town of Gaggio Montano, Italy and is now a global and multinational producer of coffee machines and capsules. Meet Caffitaly, active since 2004 and a global manufacturer in the coffee industry that works to ensure their coffee machines meet market requirements all over the world, from Italy to Israel and from Brazil to Belgium.

Caffitaly is known for its Caffitaly System, a capsule system for making espresso and other coffee drinks in home espresso machines. So unlike most manufacturers of coffee machines, Caffitaly does not only produce the espresso makers, but the coffee itself as well.
Franco Casiddu, R&D Project Manager & Regulations at Caffitaly: “Here at Caffitaly, we want to combine our focus on quality coffee with innovative technologies. It’s an interesting way of working. We source our coffee in many countries around the world, such as Brazil, Costa Rica and El Salvador, and import it to Italy, where we roast and perfect it. And with three manufacturing plants in Italy, our portfolio consists of more than 20 coffee machines, a wide range of accessories and many different flavors of capsules.”
All Caffitaly coffee machines have been tested and certified by DEKRA to ensure compliance with standards in many countries so that they can provide them to coffee lovers around the world. Read the full interview with Franco below:

Would you say you are a business-to-consumer or business-to-business company?

"I would say consumer. For example, in Italy about 90% of our customers are consumers like you and me who want to improve their morning coffee or their espresso after dinner. We tailor to them with a wide range of coffee machines, from very affordable to more high-end. However, we do sell our professional line of coffee machines to restaurants, hotels, bars and just businesses in general."

80% of our revenue is from abroad

"Interestingly, even though we are an Italian company, 80% of our revenue is from abroad. We sell our coffee in partnership with Tchibo in Germany, Tres Coraçoes in Brazil, Pingo Doce in Portugal and we have a partnership with Coca Cola in Indonesia. And we’re also present in Australia, Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Greece. It doesn’t even end there…"

What is so innovative about your products?

"One thing we are particularly proud of here at Caffitaly is our double infusion system in our capsules. We actually don’t know any other manufacturer with this system and it really gives us an advantage."
"Our R&D department continuously works on optimizing the balance between flavor and machine; the double infusion system stems from this. All our capsules have double filters at both sides of the capsule, so our machines can do a pre-infusion and total infusion of the coffee. It’s a small innovation with large consequences for taste and experience."

How does DEKRA help you meet your goals?

"DEKRA is really important for us and we value our partnership greatly. The coffee market in Italy and in the rest of the world is highly competitive. It is one of our main goals to give Caffitaly an even more prominent place in coffee globally and to become known as a quality roaster."
"Also, for example in Italy, just forty percent of people have a coffee machine at home. Most people still use one of those ‘old-fashioned’ coffee makers which you put on the stove. There is still a lot of market share up for grabs there as well as in the rest of the world. And that’s where DEKRA comes in."

DEKRA’s experts are very competent and act in a professional way.

"In essence, DEKRA helps us meet market requirements around the world. All our coffee machines have been tested and certified by DEKRA to ensure compliance with standards in many countries so that we can market products where we need them to be. For example, our products have been certified for KEMA-KEUR, GS, cMETus (USA and Canada), INMETRO (Brazil) and SAA (Australia and New-Zealand). You can imagine the possibilities it gives us and the ease of having one partner for these certifications."
DEKRA’s experts are very competent and act in a professional way. And most importantly, they are always available whenever we need information about a specific topic, often with an immediate solution.

About Caffitaly

Caffitaly System S.p.A. was set up in 2004 by those entrepreneurs who had shared a great passion for coffee during the entrepreneurial adventure in Saeco. Right from the outset, the company was successful in the production and sale of coffee capsules, carving out a niche for itself in the portioned coffee market. Caffitaly is based in Gaggio Montano, Italy.
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